Prince Charming

When we think of Prince Charming we tend to focus on the physical human being that fills our dreams… correct?

What we don’t think of is that doubt can be Prince Charming.

I should know; I’ve spent so many days, weeks, years being courted away by worries.

In that time, I have come to understand that the illustrious terms we use for innate things can also be easily applied to the emotional constructs that we deal with.

Inhibitions can be hypnotizing.
Worries can be spellbinding.
Heartbreak can be mesmerizing.
Self-sabotage can be addicting.

I’ve witnessed, firsthand, how easy it is to be lured into the temptations of worst-case scenarios and limiting beliefs that constrict your insides with every breath.

I’ve felt how unsettling it can be for the charm to turn into wickedness and desire to turn into disappointment. I’ve known it, I’ve experienced it, and I have grown to expect it. I would rather set myself up for disappointment and tragedy than lose the hope it had taken me so long to acquire.

I have grown used to starting new chapters and tossing aside all of the unfinished books that start with attention grabbing first sentences and end with foreshadowed hesitations.

A spark.

“What if…?”

I have danced with these words so often; I’ve even dated insecurity a time or two. I have fallen for suspicions, gone steady with misgivings and been kept up all night wrapped up in toxic cynicism.

To be honest, sometimes believing in anything is like promising to play the ultimate game of tag with my past. But, I wonder, what would it be like to change that narrative?

What would it be like to be chased by possibility? To give into maybes?

The thought alone allows a fire to be lit by the stars. A flicker of the dream I had long forgotten had come back. I’m surrounded by the insatiable curiosity:

“What else?”

So, here’s how it happened, the ultimate shift.

Doubt is no longer my type.

I choose to be attracted by opportunity; dazzled by chance, if you will. Serenaded by serendipity.

After a lifetime of sitting surrounded by doubt and darkness, I must tell you this:

It feels far better to be wooed by hope, by light, by magic.

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