Science governs much of the logic surrounding time. It is easy to allow ourselves to escape inside one feeling, engulfing ourselves within it until it’s almost too late. Our minds are complex systems, you see, filled with so much that we can’t even begin to understand. And, now, as the feelings of anxiety overwhelm me – pressure to do one thing or the next – I’m left here thinking, ignoring the outside world completely

Do we adapt to this day and age? Do we just cling to the hurt because that’s what we have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to? Is it just me? 

It can’t be just me… I’m not alone in this.

But if suffering is just the minds resistance to change, then time, time really is the thing that we all need. But, if time is what we all need… why is time the one thing that is hardly ever given? 

Change becomes redundant. Time is the entity that has the ability to give and take depending on the events that are unfolding around you. Right?

As for me? I think I’d rather just sit in the here and now, quiet surrounding me. I think I’d rather just come and go. I think I’d rather just start only to stop once more. 

Because the femur is the biggest bone in our bodies, and if I had to hypothesize a reason as to why, it would be this: with each step we take, we get stronger. 

And I can hear the laughter outside, I can feel their footsteps

But, still, there is nothing going on. 

So, maybe if we acknowledged each other a little bit more, maybe we wouldn’t feel so alone. If only we knew how to carry ourselves with a little less weight…

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