Glitter and Gasoline

She is the epitome of strength, something she has acquired after all the pain she has experienced. She knows what she wants, and she goes after it. She knows what she is made of, and clings to nothing but herself. She glows, even as she sits in silence, something that you have to witness first hand. She is this tiny thing, fragile but filled with a fire that could burn down a damn house.

She carries herself with grace, the grace of royalty mixed with a sailors mouth. Her big eyes follow yours as you speak, carefully taking in all of the small details. She will never ask for anything but your hand to hold, your ears for listening. She is infinite, all of the colours at full brightness. She is glitter, and you can’t help but stare.

He is soft-spoken, humble down to his core. He has been through some things, you can see it in his eyes, but he won’t willingly bring up his troubles. He is reserved in his teachings, a master of figuring things out. He has plans, big plans, even if he has yet to realise them.

He walks upon this Earth, trying not to disturb a thing. He is attentive, focusing in on details that some might miss. He will always do over try, problem solving his way out of the hardest of predicaments that would even make Master Yoda nod his head. His hands are those of someone who meticulously perfects everything he touches; dirt under his nails. He smells of everything and nothing, but he will never be nothing. He is what this planet is made up of mixed with the smell of gasoline as he tirelessly works on his projects.

Somehow, Glitter and Gasoline find their way to one another. A plot twist neither of them saw coming. An unexpected, yet very delightful surprise.

There was something about Glitter that Gasoline couldn’t identify. Captivated by the mystery, compelled by the light that surrounded her.

There was something about Gasoline that Glitter had always been searching for. Pulling on the invisible string that they had forgotten about long ago. She knew she wanted to be with you, all of you, hoping that he would want her too.

Soon, minutes would pass, hours stretching on. There wasn’t a moment that they weren’t talking to each other. Nights were no longer restless because the last thing either of them would see was the glimpse of heaven within each other’s smiles. Waking up was no longer something that was dreaded, but welcomed with a euphoric heart.

They didn’t know they needed it, neither one asking for it; silently, they knew, this is love.

Conversations lasted for days; feelings growing every second. All of their waking moments would now be reserved for one another.

Her questioning mind became flooded with thoughts of him.

He would dream of her, holding onto every smile as he drifted further into slumber.

Glitter caught herself smiling again. She started to love Gasoline without clarity, without designation nor confirmation; and yet, she was happy.

Gasoline was watching his dreams turn to reality; wishful thinking, and dumb luck were granted all because Glitter came along.

A look was all it took to know their thoughts aligned.

But, as they confessed to one another, their hearts were beating out their chests. Bit by bit, Glitter let her walls fall down, the enigma slowly becoming understood. Gasoline discovered more things, and Glitter loved even the smallest parts of him.

Old souls coming together.

Everything was put out on the line, wet or dry, it was all embraced. Willing to risk everything.

Because it was just that natural – her hand fitting into his. Like the moon fitting into the sky surrounded by all the stars – waiting, patiently, for them.

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