This Christmas

I can picture it now: lounging around the living room, music playing, laughter filling the room, drinks in hand. I can smell the food cooking – all of the spices filling the room.

I remember believing in Santa, too. I still do. I remember the restless nights, tossing and turning, thinking every noise was Santa coming into the house to leave all the gifts.

I remember singing carols, belting out the Ho ho ho and We wish you a Merry Christmas like no tomorrow.

I can also remember the darkness that came with Christmas after he was gone. The cold breeze that filled the room, the Christmas music that failed to be played, the tree left standing no lights on it.

As Christmas draws near, I could still opt to go on writing what I want for the holidays. However, as I get older, it seems that my Christmas wish list ages too. Not because of how consumed the paper has become or how repetitive it is that I seem to now want the same things every year, but because of the decaying paper that the title “Wish List” is on. The list is no longer filled with things

Because now I realise that life, life shouldn’t be filled with material things that don’t give me the answer to the desires of my heart.

Because what I long for, what my heart wants is simple…

Love. Happiness. Warmth.

The hardest part of this feeling, however, is that it doesn’t come in some ornamental gift bag or a chromatically designed wrapper. It comes from those around me – from intuition.

This Christmas, I promise to love myself more. To give more and more love to those around me.

This Christmas, I don’t need a fancily wrapped present to make my heart sing out with joy. I only need the feeling of love. If you ask me what I want, I will say nothing, and I hope you listen. There are few things in this world right now that are merry and bright. So, give me your love, give me your smile. Right now, that is what I hold close to my heart.

Because I will always value the moments over possessions. So long as the moment isn’t dull, I don’t care what is inside that beautifully wrapped gift you place on my lap – even though I will thank you for it with every ounce of my being.

So many people will choose to stay under the lights of the Christmas tree, time and time again, but some will take the path less traveled. Though it means embarking on a journey of unfamiliarity, it has a lot more to give in return. When life gets greedy, it’s nice to have a break once in awhile and see what the world has to offer us.

Maybe it’s time for a pause.

Pause for a moment. Go on, get out there, discover what life really has to offer.

Go on, go get what is yours.

Go on, chase your dream because it might not be there tomorrow.

Fling yourselves out into the wilderness beyond your own control because, after all, during Christmas all roads lead to home.

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