To the One Who Loves Me Next

To you,

I may not know who you are, or maybe I do, but I want you to know this: when I have you in front of me, you will be the only (and the last) that will ever get to walk beside me. Over the course of my life I have made a lot of mistakes, mistakes that were too much for some people. But, I always told myself through it all that for the right person I will never be too much to handle, I will always be enough. For me, you are it, my person.

I’m not going to rant about my past or go into detail about all of the things I wish we could do or will do. I’m simply here, standing in front of you saying – pick me, choose me, love me – because I will continue to choose you today, tomorrow, and all the days that come after.

But I will tell you this, I hope you’re listening.

When we are in your car, and you look over at me during a red light, kiss me. Remember, when I get a little too quiet (in any situation) I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed, just hold my hand a little tighter. I’m going to take your picture, even if you don’t like it, because on the days where I can’t see you – I will need you as if you are right next to me.

When I’m nervous, I will tug on my hair or twirl it in my fingers. I will care without a second thought, without thinking about what it will do to me. You know those moments when we are out in public? The ones you might dread just as much as me? I love when you course your hands over my skin, it’s those little moments that reassure me that you are still next to me.

I will forever be that romantic – dance with me in the rain, pull me in closer, Notebook the shit out of that moment. I love smiling at strangers, music, candy. I can be a little too optimistic, high on love, but I am still a realist. Making me smile, the only way you know how, will instantly send a million butterflies to my tummy.

As you look at me, get lost in my eyes, that will be where you fall in love first. But, you’ll also fall in love with my mind, my heart because it is the most wholesome place you will ever take up residence.

But, please, always remember that even as I am your girl – through and through – I have a reckless, wild soul that just craves adventure. And, in you I have found the best combination of all of my passions. Within you I found the footfalls on the ground as we trudge through the hills. Within you I found the overpowering wind that blows on the top of the mountain. Within you I have found the bluest of waters, the humblest of forests, the most beautiful landscape I have ever witnessed in my life. And, just maybe, just maybe this is what you will come to love most about me, the constant changing of seasons – seeking the unknown at every turn because I am infinite, and now, you are too.

And just as you have told me that I am worth it all – so are you. You are worthy of all this world has to offer. You are worthy of every feeling you get to experience because with my hand in yours, I can feel it coursing through your body – we are alive.

So, if you are the lucky one that gets to be standing across from me at any moment that this life throws our way. If I am just as lucky (if not more) that I get to stand next to you as you take on this world. Remember this: our life together is going to be epic, we are one in a million. I will be there for you over anything or anyone else – without a second thought. I will always meet you halfway – just remember if I get in my lowest moods, hold me tighter cause I might forget who I really am. We deserve the world, babe.

So, I will love you wholeheartedly. I will love you with all that I have.

Because, now, now you are the world that my universe surrounds.

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