Hey Baby, Let’s Change the World

Do you ever wake up and feel the weight of the previous day (and maybe the world) on your shoulders? The little knots the feel like they go from your shoulders only to tighten around your heart. It is the slow burn, the slow build-up of all the sorrows and hardships that surround you. It’s the sad stories you hear, the ones you live. It’s what you have yet to heal from, the pain that caused so much anguish in your world.

Do you feel it? Because I do. The grieving hearts, the lonely, the suffering, the hurting. The ones who are lost, starving, oppressed.

Do you feel it? Because I do. I just want to sprinkle sunshine and glitter all over that shit, fill them with immense joy.

Because I know that life is genuinely good. Life can be inspiring. Life can leave your mind blown, everyone looking over to witness the beauty that is going on over there. I want to tell everyone that they should never lose sight, never lose hope. Each and every one of you is worthy of all this world has to give. You all matter. But yet, I don’t know where to start. I drastically want to change the world, make it a better place…

Yet, it doesn’t always work like that.

Because to change the world you don’t have to make BIG moves. It’s not about winning awards, having your name honoured, or running a country. Changing the world is about making the smallest of changes in anyone’s life – for the better. Whatever is in your hands this moment to give, give it. It’s about the intention behind the act; it’s about consistency.

Changing the world wouldn’t be so hard if we could only start by doing a little introspection, by taking care of ourselves so that we can present our best selves, always. Because by giving ourselves over to the world, we can give to others.

Whether you think you are or not, you are always shaping the world in which we live in. You shape it with every thought, every word, every action. You are the greatest example of your influences, let those shine as you take that first step out your door.

So, don’t carry that weight anymore, baby. Put the responsibility on yourself, wipe it away clean, and start now. It could be a smile, offering a hand to a stranger, supporting local businesses, your music, your words. It could literally be anything.

Because anything is something.

And something from everyone is how the little changes become bigger changes.

Take my hand, baby, let’s change the world.

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