How I Will Love You

I always find it overwhelming, the amount of love that I have in my heart for just about anyone that comes into my life. Now, no matter how much love you hold in your heart for those you care about, the same love never comes about twice.

But, I can tell you this, when I fall for you, that sort of love is different. And, now, now that my entire world has been shook – turned upside down, new definitions arising at every turn; love is completely different.

So, how I will love you now is very different than I would have even at the beginning of this year.

And, if you ask me what I see when I look at you, here’s what I would tell you. When I look at you I see colours I didn’t know existed before. There is a kaleidoscope of ocean blues within your eyes during the day that turn into the most spectacular Aurora Borealis skies I have ever seen. Your lips remind me of the fuzzy peaches that make my taste buds happy. There is a neon radiance with every smile.

I will look at you with childlike wonder because the world didn’t look like this before I met you. I see it now dripping with shiny metallics and bathed in effervescent sparkling goodness.

You gave me your heart to hold, just like I gave you mine. Ever so gently I hold it, keeping it so close to my chest. Because, I am taking care of you now. I got you the way the stars cluster together forming the shield of the milky way.

I will reserve a special place for you, for I have built you a home that is especially made for you. Inside this cabin you will find all that you will ever want and need, and if it’s not there, together will create everything. Because, here, here you can feel like you belong – surrounded by all that you love, all that you care about.

Because, believe me when I say, that your hands will never have to fear being empty. I will give you more love than you ever thought possible. Everything that I have inside of me will be reserved for you too.

The word loneliness will soon become something of the past because you will no longer have to use it or feel it. I will break every bone in my body to make you feel weightless, no longer will you have to bear the burden of the things that will make you heavy.

I will give you the quiet when that is all that you need. I will put my hands in yours allowing you to find the solitude you have been searching for. I will learn to tell the difference all for you.

I will put myself into overdrive to help you slay all of your past ghosts. I will help you eliminate them, one slash at a time, until they no longer trouble your mind as you are trying to sleep.

My hands, small and smooth, will caress the face of your demons. I will strip myself down to nothing but lace, let you tear it off of me, and make love to them until all they know is the passion that drives you forward. On nights where big balls of hail fall from the sky, I will show you that no amount of darkness could diminish what I feel for you.

And if you want to confess your crimes, your sins; you can tell me all about the blood on your hands, I will still hold them tightly.

I will love you like it has always been you. Like it was you before I ever even held your face in my hands. Like our initials were always going to be carved within the trunks of trees, since I learned one plus one equals two.

I will immortalize us with my words. You will be depicted as the greatest muse, like all of those who inspired Shakespeare to write his greatest sonnets. I will trace you into the lines of poetry for all to read.

When I write, it’ll be like I long since forgot what a metaphor was because now, now they are all about you.

I will touch you like I had never came in contact with holy water before I touched your skin. I will touch you like we were meant to commit the greatest of sins. Like we are two raging wildfires that can’t be put out. Like the world around me could be ending and I wouldn’t stop.

I will treat you like your atoms and mine are supposed to be together. Scientists will trace them back to the same supernova, marveling in how two people could come together like this.

Most importantly, I will love you.

I will love you like you have never been loved before.

Because you have redefined what love means to me.

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