Music Knows Me

There’s something about listening to a song for the first time every time. Because, each time I listen, I hear something new. Each time I listen I am reminded of the melody, the progression of the notes, the instruments, the time it takes to write out the lyrics. Each time I gain more knowledge about the song itself.

Getting to know a song, is like getting to know a person – it takes time. The effort you put into getting to know a song, the song will give you back meaning.

And, maybe, just maybe, that’s why music is the real way to my heart. Don’t tell me the ways in which my eyes captivate you. Don’t tell me how the way my lips upturn into a smile change your entire day. I mean, I won’t complain when you tell me these things, I will still eat up all the compliments.

The way to my heart is music. So, tell me this: the way you sway your hips to the melody of the song tells a story all on its own. Tell me the way your eyes widen as you listen to your favourite song allows me to understand why you love it so much. Tell me how all you can do is stare at my lips as I sing the words to the songs. Tell me how I have changed your life based on the music I have sent you.

Because it is through the sounds that fill my ears, fill the spaces around me, fill my heart. It’s with the melodies that surround my body that melt my brain and travel through my cells, up and down every inch of my body – through each strand of my hair.

It’s when I listen to music, I can feel the beat of my heart syncing to the beats of the song. It’s like I can taste the words on my lips. I can feel the rhythm coursing though my body; an unconscious synchronization.

Because I throw my head back, I feel the music pushing the air around me. The energy from the music alone covers me, coats me, makes me warm yet shiver simultaneously.

And then, once I am surrounded by people listening to the same music within the festival grounds – let me tell you, that experience is unlike any other. Because it is then that you feel it ALL – we are all listening to the same song – minds, hearts, souls spinning in sync.

I find myself so lost in it all, all the time. I lose my breath from the sheer excitement of it all. I get pulled in deeper, deeper than I ever expected. I smile, absentmindedly, as I recognize songs or drops or note progressions. I start to hum, slowly starting to sing. My body sways to the same rhythm as the people next to me, laughing and smiling; sharing that youthful bliss that you can only experience right then and there.

Because here we are dancing.
Here we are free.
Here are letting go.

Music is a celebration of life in every single way it can be defined. It’s the unexplainable connection of sound, melody, rhythm, and the beat that binds every soul together – no matter your race, sex, age, status, gender, challenges, death, pain, fear.

Because through music we connect. Music is what helps us understand our feelings, our emotions. Music is what helps us portray the words that we fail to tell others. Music is what helps us love. Damn, music is love.

And, every damn time, I lose myself within it.

I hear a song and I’m transported within it. I am connected to it in such a way that I can’t even explain. I connect to the world, the people around me, the space. With each note that plays, thousands of memories come flooding to my mind – some that aren’t even my own (I know it sounds out-of-this-world, and maybe it is – believe me if you want to or not).

Music defines me. It makes me feel a certain type of way, it makes me feel whole. It has been what has built me up in my lowest moments, given me strength when I couldn’t stand on my own, and it has taught me slow down, enjoy what is around me.

Being inside a festival crowd, I can feel the music reaching to the most tender parts of my soul – it allows them to open up, to be vulnerable once more. I can feel myself let go – the fear, the anger, the self-doubt.

I feel tied to those around me – it’s like we share the same heartbeat, the same breath.

So, I throw my head back again. I reach my hands into the sky, sway my hips. I let the words, the sounds, the happiness flow from my lips and get plastered onto my face.

And I don’t think about anything else – I just feel alive.

I lose myself in the music.
I lose myself in you.
Don’t you dare come find me unless you’re ready to be lost with me.

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