Rise from the Ashes

I’m stubborn and I won’t say sorry.

I get so caught between all of the things that I feel.

I get so confused as to what I want and if my choices are the right ones.

I get so caught up in perfecting things that don’t need it.

I write it out because I know that you worry – I’m okay, really.

I have you questioning everything.

But I have removed myself from those feelings, from feelings in general.

These tears no longer blind me because they are no longer there.

I have started so many fires, ones that burned me down, and unlike a pheonix, I won’t always rise from the ashes.

And maybe you don’t know this, maybe you never will, but I will always come around.

I will always find my way home – wherever that may be.

I hope you know that you have made mistakes too, mistakes so large that they have left me on my knees.

I hope you notice the things that you have done too.

I hope you know that it is not all on me.

Because it is no longer just me starting the fires.

We are starting the fires, burning us down.

Because we are a mess.

We are all beautiful messes.

And that works for me.

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