What I Wish I Could’ve Said

Have you ever walked away from a conversation, a breakup, a heartbreak, a confrontation, an argument and wished there was another chance to say all of the things you couldn’t have in that moment?

I’m pretty sure each and every one of you reading this can relate.

Here’s 14 times where I have walked away from situations regretting that I didn’t say more.

Here’s 14 confessions.

Here’s 14 what ifs.

Here’s 14.

  1. You know, I wish that this world wasn’t so cruel to us. We sat back and watched as the time that we spent together sped by like we were on some bullet train not understanding how fast it really went – and then I got sick, ran out, never looked back. But that wasn’t the hardest part, the hardest part was that you let me. If you love someone, you don’t let them just walk away – you fucking fight. Maybe it was never really love, maybe we were just blinded by the fact that we both needed more – but I needed more from you.
  2. I can’t wait to see you when I get home from school. Goodbye, I love you.
  3. I can still remember the moment I picked up my phone and messaged you. I can still remember the shock that was probably written all over my face when you told me you loved me. I can still remember the first time you walked away. I can still remember when you came back. And then you left again. I can remember all of the details, the notes, the silences. I can still remember you, I can only hope that you remember me too.
  4. You broke my heart right. I think at the end of the day that’s why you came into my life, just to break my heart. I’m thankful that you did though, you showed me what love isn’t but you also showed me what it was.
  5. I don’t want you to walk back into my life. I don’t want you to talk to me ever again. I want you to delete my number, delete me off any form of social media – hell, block me too. Because the look on your eye when something happens elsewhere, when you can’t stay with me when I am the one hurting more – that is something I don’t deserve. I deserve happiness, love, and something so genuine that people wonder how I got so lucky.
  6. All I wanted was for you to see me.
  7. Thank you because if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have been able to find out who I really am. Thank you because now I can finally experience life to the fullest. Thank you because I never realised how many other things could make me happy.
  8. I will always regret the day that I just let you keep talking and kept my mouth shut. I wish I told you how badly I wanted you to choose her over me because at the end of the day, even if you were with me, she was still there – and we weren’t even dating. I wish I told you how badly I wanted you to stay in my life. I wish I let you know how much it hurt to love you. I wish I let you know how much it hurt when you finally walked away.
  9. I’m grateful for our little moment in time.
  10. Sometimes it would be easier to have never met you than to have you become the biggest what if in my life.
  11. I will never regret the time that we had together. You were the one who showed me the sunshine, the rainbow even after the rain would come down hard for weeks. Thank you for being my storm.
  12. After all this time, it will always be you.
  13. I trusted you. I shared with you. I had so much love and faith in you. But none of it mattered to you. From the very beginning I should have known better. I thank God for saving me from you.
  14. Say something, anything because if you don’t I’m walking away.

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