Lost in Music

If you need to know anything about me, it is that the only real way to my heart is through music.

It’s in the way the melodies fill my ears, fill the spaces around me, how my heart just seems to burst from all of the chord progressions and lyricgasms. It’s how it surrounds my body, melts through my brain travelling through all my atoms, up and down my spine, to the tips of my fingers, and how my hair stands on end.

When I turn up the music, I can feel the beat become my pulse. I can taste the lyrics on my lips. I can feel the rhythm moving my body before I even tell it to.

I can throw my head back, move my hips, and close my eyes – no matter where I am or who I am with. I feel the energy coursing through me, coating me, making me warm and shiver all at the same time.

Sometimes I lose my breath. Sometimes I am taken away. 

Because there is something about the first few notes that always pull me in.

Because there is something about the way I smile, absentmindedly, as I recognize songs.

Because there is something about the way I hum, or sing, as I let my body move to the rhythm.

It’s a simple moment of bliss.

Music is the unexplainable connection of sound, melody, rhythm, and beat that binds us all together through every aspect of our lives.

Music is what helps us learn how to explain love.

Because music is love.

And I will always lose myself in it.

I hear a song, and I am instantly connected to it. With each note, with each lyric, thousands of memories come flooding in. I’m always reminded of a moment, a person, a place, a sliver of time.

Music defines me. It makes me feel whole.

Music has always been a constant. It knows exactly what I need when I need it. It never leaves me hanging, it never leaves me period. It gives me strength. It taught me how to pause moments and just enjoy.

Music makes me feel free and alive.

And I will always lose myself in it.

Don’t try to find me.

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