If I can talk about one thing, it’s this:

Despite everything, growing up without a father is not something that you have to be ashamed of. Because at the end of the day, you are still going to be that strong person you have grown into, you will always be stronger than you think.

But I also know that growing up without a father is not one of the easiest things out there because you are surrounded by so many people who have that connection. And, truth be told, it will always affect your life – your perspective, your views, the way that you see the world, and especially, your standpoint on relationships.

Now, I don’t know where you are coming from or why you clicked on this specific post. Maybe you grew up witnessing so many fights between your parents that it turned into one of them going away for awhile. Maybe you witnessed your mom doing it all alone. Maybe you were abandoned. Maybe your dad passed away. Maybe it is none of these and something much worse, in which case, I am so sorry.

Remember: you are not alone in this.

Now, I am not saying that I didn’t have some of the most nurturing men in my life that stepped up into that dad role – to them I am always thankful. But it was never the same.

Because after awhile you have to wear the armor yourself defending your own morals and body. You have to protect yourself from all of those people who come at you with their bad intentions. You have to hug yourself and whisper into the wind: “It’s okay Princess.”

Because that is what you have become – you are your own Princess, you have to put that crown on all by yourself (even if it is a little bit crooked at the beginning). You close yourself up, you surround yourself with 50 ft. tall walls, you become impenetrable.

But it’s been hardI know.

Your life may have been or may be hard right now, but that has, and will, make you strong. Embrace every downward spiral, embrace the pain, and believe me, it will help you grow.

Love without limits.

Love yourself first.

You are not alone.

Let me repeat: You are NOT alone.

The fight will always rage on but you are worth it.

Let me repeat: You are worth it.

Don’t ever let someone take that away.

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