Irrational Thoughts

Have you ever been plagued with that constant buzzing inside your head? The one that just keeps coming around and around again, and it just doesn’t stop…

Tell me it’s not just me…

Even so, these are the things that I have found to work when these thoughts just won’t fuck right off. 

If irrational thoughts aren’t your friend, maybe telling yourself these things will help.

  1. If you suck at navigating anything in your life, don’t trudge down the path while the forest is dark. Why? Because so many of us are driven by emotions, and that is THE WORST time to make any decisions in your life. Don’t make any decisions when you’re upset.
  2. Fire will always burn down the house, but you can choose for it to just cook you dinner each night and keep you warm in the winter. Think of your mind this way, trust me.
  3. Stop looking to your mind for answers. Get busy. Do something with your hands. Doesn’t matter what it is, do it.
  4. Practice to lean into your discomfort, stop trying to resist it.
  5. The goal is not to feel good all of the time, that’s just unrealistic. You just need to know what is a healthy range of emotion without suppressing or suffering too much.
  6. Ask yourself: “Is this true? Can I absolutely know this to be true?” whenever you are upset – if the answer is “No,” move on.
  7. Accept that you are not the only one to have these weird, and maybe sometimes, disturbing feelings that have no bearing in reality. You are not a freak, nor are you sick. Stop being intimidated by your own mind.
  8. Identify your comfort zones, and step back into them whenever you find yourself lost and confused.
  9. Don’t prove others wrong – prove yourself wrong. Show yourself that your thoughts are not based in truth. Don’t live in that gray area you have become accustomed to, see all the colours at full brightness.
  10. Fall in love with the unknown. Mostly so that it will almost always bring you things that you could never have imagined.
  11. You’re allowed to say: “I don’t love my body. I feel a little stuck right now. I am not me anymore. I need alone time. I need to get out of the house. I don’t feel happy. etc.” without it feeling like you’re condemning yourself.
  12. Learn deep breathing and meditation.
  13. There are three layers to everyone: your identity, your shame, and your true self. Your identity is what everyone sees, or their idea of you. Your shame is what’s sheltering you from expressing everything that is within your true self. This is where all those irrational thoughts come from, it’s where they thrive. When you try to work on that gap between the idea of you and who you really are, that’s when change will happen.
  14. You shouldn’t trust your mind to think healthy when it’s always on autopilot – it’s going to take practice, so train it.
  15. Stop thinking you know what the future holds, it’s unwritten, let it stay that way.
  16. Sometimes, the best way to get over anything is to just work on forgetting about it.
  17. Go outside. Look up. Remember that the stars helped make you. 
  18. Say thank you for the fact that you care enough about yourself to try.
  19. Give yourself the permission to feel okay. This is why we love when other people love us. Nobody can actually transmute the sensation of love – we crave it from others because it lets us flip the switch – it gives us the permission we need to be happy, proud, content. We just have to learn how to do this on our own.
  20. Laugh.

I hope that this helped… even a little bit.

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