I Just Want You

I don’t want a superhero.

I just want you.

Your body doesn’t have to be rock hard, muscles popping in all the right places. You don’t have to have superhuman strength. You don’t need to fly or know how to wear the hell out of a cape. You don’t need to spend your days trying to fix anything.

You don’t need to rescue me, I can save myself. 

You don’t have to be flawless. You don’t have to hide your identity. You don’t have to tell everyone you are strong even when you are feeling weak.

You don’t have to save the world.

You don’t have to be perfect.

I just want us

I just want this.

I want all of the flaws, the mistakes, the voices raised, the anger that sparks like fire. I want the days where you don’t feel like yourself, the mornings where I don’t want to get out of bed, the nights when we will lay on opposite sides of the bed.

I want you to witness all of my stubbornness because it will lead to arguments, and I will want all of those. I want the moments right after we wake up, groggy voices, and wrinkled PJs. I want to just close my eyes and know you’re there.

I want this.

I want lazy Saturday nights that lead to the most epic Sunday mornings. I want our laughter to ring out in unison. I want the moments where we can’t get enough of each other, when we can’t stop holding on. I want the moments spent lost in your eyes, not knowing when to stop kissing, and when the world just fades away.

I want it to be just us – you and me.

I don’t think of you as some untouchable person, so stop trying to be. You aren’t a superhero, you don’t have the power or strength of some Greek God. I don’t want you to think that to love me you have to be the best, the ideal.

I‘m not looking for some perfect love story; I stopped believing in them a long time ago. I want that tattered book, the one where the pages are torn from flipping them too much. I want our writing to fill the pages with our ups and downs, twists and turns, mistakes and emotions. 

I want it to be real.

 So, shed that, all of it. Remove the mask, the cape, the armour. Come sit next to me, shoulder to shoulder, hearts beating in rhythm. I just want you, as you are, and all the ways you’ll change. 

Because you will. You will shift, let me down, bring me back up. But you will also show me a love like no other. 

Because I know that you will push me, challenge me.

Because this relationship will continually grow, thriving to be better.

I don’t need the glitz, the glamour. I don’t need excellence.

I need genuine.

I need you.

I need us.

I need this.

Right here in this moment, in among all of this confusion, in all the ways you and I are flawed – because that is real.

I don’t want a superhero.

I just want a partner by my side.

An imperfectly perfect equal.

I just want this.

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