There’s Always Another Door

Sometimes we have to say goodbye.

And it’s going to hurt… so fucking bad.

But there’s something melancholic about saying those goodbyes, about finally letting go of the people who have touched your heart but you’ve just grown away from them.

Sure, it’s going to be difficult to leave. Hell, you get used to someone being around that you don’t know what your life is going to be like without them. Because you invest so much time and energy into relationships that makes losing them that much harder.

It’s heartbreaking to think of all of the bonds that you have built, of all the people who have come and gone, and in just a few words – a final wave – it’s gone.

But you have to part ways with people, sometimes, and there’s no guarantee that they will ever come back because all of those promises that you once made will be broken.

And you are going somewhere, you are meeting new people, living a new life, and eventually all of that change will reflect on the person within. You will have a new set of goals. You will outgrow everything that you had built. And you will look at the person next to you, the ones that are closest, and see only a stranger in their place.

But that’s life – you have to say goodbye once in a while.

And the best way for you to recover – from the pain, from the struggles, from the feeling of being alone – is to realise that not every relationship has to be permanent. You have to realise that the goodbyes that have to be said are going to fucking hurt. You have to realise that you are going to be pulled away from the people who once meant so much to you. And sometimes you will have to go and explore in different directions – and that’s okay.

Because there is a whole new chapter that is waiting to be written.

Because there is always a new door opening.

And it’s true, endings are hard and messy.

But you will learn, eventually, to stop looking into the past and be excited for what is to come. You will learn to stand on your own two feet again. You will be at peace. You will begin to see the light, the good.

Because sometimes, endings can be beautiful too.

Because endings teach you to have deeper, more meaningful connections with people because you never know when will be the last time that you see them. Endings will urge you appreciate all of the little moments and cherish them a little bit more. Endings remind you not to take your time, or the time of others, for granted.

As you grow older, building more experiences – in leaving, and in staying – you will realise that you can’t ask people to stay with you all the time. You can’t place your entire world on the shoulders of others and let them carry you for as long as they can stand the weight of you. You can’t cling to them, hovering, and expect them to be satisfied with where they are.

You just can’t.

Everyone has their own hopes, dreams, and ambitions – they are going to be very different from yours. When the time has comes and they are ready to chase their dreams, they will pack that bag – they need to see the world for themselves.

And, sure, it’s going to be hard for them to separate ways with you, but in order to grow, it has to be done – it’s the right thing to do.

Saying goodbye is something that will become frequent in your life. At a certain point, you have to learn how to get used to it. You will learn how to move on quickly, how to put on that brave face after the role you played in someone’s life ends.

Because you need to thrive too. 

And you’re going to be just fine.

Because the best thing about closing that door is that there is a new one to open.

Because you can open that new notebook, filled with blank pages, and start writing.

You can decide how you want your narrative to go.

You choose what parts to tell.

You can create a completely new character.

And yes, it’s going to be scary to start from scratch and form new relationships, but in all of that there is a new-found hope.

Because life brings about a beautiful uncertainty.

And whatever it is that is waiting for you…

And whatever you are meant to find…

You will be one step closer in its direction.

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