Lessons in Heartbreak

Just like the title says: there are always lessons in your heartbreak.

I think you know that… or you should, if your heart has ever been truly broken.

People leave, sometimes its by their own choosing and sometimes it just happens. These moments sometimes are seen from miles away, others leave you questioning where it all went wrong. Because once you love someone, and they leave you abandoned, sending you tumbling down a hill that seems impossible to get up from – you never return the same person.

Because those experiences are responsible for it all, that change.

And if you weren’t a cynic before, you will be after this.

And if you thought you were a hopeless romantic before, who believed that love would always triumph against the evils of life, you will question it.

But despite everything that you went through, there is still some glimmer of hope.

Because you desperately want to believe that there is someone out there for you.

Because you are patiently waiting for those stars that you wish upon every night to align, fate bringing you closer and closer together.

But you are still going to break.

You are still going to hold onto the turmoil that you’ve been through.

Because you will forever be altered by the people in your life – whether they were there for a blink, a moment, or a lifetime.

Because with each relationship, you learn, you learn that there is a lesson in every goodbye – a lingering regret within every love story.

But you also become stronger.

The choices that you make become more meticulous, more confident.

You learn to never settle, to never become complacent. 

You accept all of the lessons, letting go of all of the things that you couldn’t control or change.

You learn that it is better to have loved than to never have loved at all.

Because there are people that are going to be in our lives for a brief period – that doesn’t mean that we should dismiss everything about them, diminish the role that they played.

I can remember all of the relationships I have ever had. I remember two where I had thought it was just a complete waste of my time. Because we were together, and then we weren’t. It was eye-opening, wanting to be with someone and then once their friends found out, it was goodbye to me. And then there was another, where every word that was uttered my way was a complete lie.

It was confusion, bitterness, hurt about the way things ended.

Despite it all, the heartache and the pain, it is easy to get over things like that. You don’t give them any second thoughts, you just push through. You wake up each morning, tell yourself that you are better, that he wasn’t right for you. Create that life that you always wanted.

Sure, it’s going to be hard – at first. Sometimes things happen for a reason, sometimes karma hits you, sometimes (most times) it’s all out of our control. Because even if that person wasn’t right for you, you met them at a point in your life when you needed to be shown something. They may teach you to set your standards higher, to not compromise on your values, to not lose yourself.

Because maybe they were vital to the journey that you are on.

And there’s going to be some people and relationships that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

And there’s going to be some people and relationships that are going to hurt you beyond measure.

And there’s going to be some experiences that will leave you traumatized – never allowing you to be that person you were hours before.

But there’s always a lesson.


A lesson that will end up teaching you how to build up that strength and rebuild yourself – piece by piece.

A lesson that teaches you forgiveness.

A lesson that teaches you to heal.

A lesson that gives you confidence.

A lesson that teaches you to love.

A lesson that teaches you to let go.

A lesson.

These lessons will lead you to live the best life you can after your heart has been broken.

It will allow you to come to terms with the saying:

The best is yet to come.

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