“What is one word you would use to describe me?”

I genuinely wanted to know. I have always been fascinated by words, the power that they hold, the relationships that form because of them. I wanted to know what words people used when they thought of me, when they were talking about me, when they were around me.


Unforgettable – [uhn-fer-getuh-buh-l]: impossible to forget; indelibly impressed on the memory:your first kiss is unforgettable.

Out of all the words, this was the one that they chose, the one word that complicates so much.


Because how can one truly be unforgettable? How can I?

But then I did something, I stopped looking at myself from a place of hatred, and looked at myself from a place of love.

“Why did you choose that word?”

It took them a long time to get back to me.

“You’re gorgeous, even on your worst days. You’re smart beyond belief. You weave a web into your words that can catch anyone you desire. Your smile, don’t even get me started, it is infectious. Your eyes may as well be their own galaxy. You speak your heart, and when you finally let someone in, it’s like an endless rift for life. You have become this incredible person, you are unabashedly yourself, and that is special. It’s not even how you look, it’s how you carry yourself, it’s the way you ooze the beauty that is within. You’re unforgettable, ask anyone.”

I don’t remember what I said back, I don’t even remember the rest of my day. All I can remember is the way that reading those words made me feel.

I felt like that I couldn’t be replaced, that the little bits of me, the bits that I allow some to see leave a mark.

I felt amazing.

And maybe I am only unforgettable to them, and that’s okay.

Because all it takes is one.

One to touch, one to feel, one to hear.

One to love, one to hold, one to smile.

I’m thankful for my one.

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