Inspirational Stuff and Things

It’s hard, life.

It throws us, shakes us, rattles us until we are bruised and broken.

It reminds us of our weaknesses daily, and our strengths get pushed into the unknown until we go marching into the darkness in search of some glimmer of hope.

It pushes us, tests us, plays us until we are wandering lost in the wilderness.

It reminds us of who we are, what we are fighting for.

It’s hard, life.

But even still, we move forward, we try to hold onto that light because we can see, we can feel what we are fighting for.

And even if you can’t, let me be the first to remind you.

Let me hold your hand through the darkness, welcoming you with open arms at the other side.

Because eventually we all make it through.

Eventually that smile returns.


And if you forget, let me be the first to remind you.

Let my words whisper in your ear at night when the rest of the world is asleep.

Rinse, and repeat.

Because we all make beautiful mistakes, we do. We fail, we fall.

But we rise back up, we learn, we become better.

We fill our tanks, every now and again, with so much negativity that our hearts beat rapidly in our chests working on overdrive just to remind us that it is still there.

We lock away our happiness and feed our sorrows.

We doubt ourselves, and fail to trust.

But we push forward, our journeys start over.

We begin to seize the day, the opportunities.

We work on our crazy dreams, we grow our visions.

We fall down seven times, and stand up eight.

We all have amazing talents, passions, purpose.

We are powerful.

We can change the world.

This world can be dark, and fear will have its hold on you.

But even after the worst storms, the sun shines again.

Better days will always be around the corner.

Just hold on.

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