Straightforward and Honest

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if everyone was straightforward and honest all of the time? Where we wouldn’t be clouded with fear to tell someone how we feel? Where vulnerability isn’t something that we have to be scared in but something we embrace beautifully?

There would be no more beating-around-the-bush or getting lost in translation. There would be no stringing someone along in fear that we would hurt their feelings. There would be no games.

There would just be wholehearted honesty.

This kind of world, albeit a little abrasive, would be simpler. There would be less confusion, less heartache. There would be more turning dreams into reality.

In this world we would be so damn authentic and that’s crucial. We wouldn’t sell ourselves short, we wouldn’t be dishonest with our feelings. We wouldn’t be embarrassed about showing the world our genuine selves.

We would embrace our unique characteristics, we would shine. We would put ourselves out there. We would no longer be ashamed or hold our heads down when we walked by the ones we were scared to admit our feelings to.

In this world we would smile more, love more. We would be happier. We would truly believe this: Your thoughts matter. Your feelings matter. You matter.

Because people aren’t as fragile and sensitive as we are led to believe.

It’s okay to tell someone how you feel. 

Because you just never know… maybe they feel it too.

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