An Accident Waiting to Happen

Isn’t funny how our hearts just kind of know when someone is supposed to be in our lives? Our hearts give us this cue, it rings out, “oh, there you are.” And with a blink of an eye, they swiftly open up like a golden snitch and allow that person to just enter.

I met you when I wasn’t looking. I bumped into you, you smiled, and followed my lead. I met you when I was still trying to put my broken pieces back together. But I knew there was something about you, and that you were going to change something about me. I knew from the moment we said Hello that there was no way I was going to let you go anytime soon.

And even though I had just truly met you, gotten to know you, I knew I could love you.

I knew my heart wanted you.

It got me thinking that maybe accidents aren’t accidents at all. Maybe all of the coincidences that we happen to come across are strategically planned so that two people can find each other when they are desperately searching for another… or maybe they’re planned so that those two people can find each other when they are searching for someone else.

Maybe those people are there to remind us that there is someone so much better suited for us. Someone out there is exactly who we need, at exactly the right time. Someone to help us forget all the others before.

And I am still flipping through the book, trying to find out exactly where to put you, because up until now, there isn’t just one page you fit on. I can’t find one criteria that correctly labels you.

You are one of a kind. 

You are special.

I am left there, wondering whether or not I dreamed you up, because the hopeless romantic in me always takes over. But then, I blink my eyes, and there you are – still watching me out of the corner of your eye, smile playing on your lips. No dream can ever make me feel the way you do. No dream can ever be so tangible, so perceptive, so solid.

I don’t know where our journey will end up, but as long as I am on this drive with you, I will enjoy it.

I don’t know where we are going but I trust that He will lead us in the right direction, because you believe that. I trust you to take me to all the places that you love and all of the places that you used to go alone. I trust you.

Even if distance separates us, I trust the journey because its ours.

And even if I suck at hiking, blisters bubbling at my skin, and my breath is ragged, I’m ready to climb any mountain with you.

Maybe we are already at the top of the world, looking down.

I met you when I wasn’t looking. I bumped into you, you smiled. 

I found you. 

And you turned out better than anyone I could have ever dreamed up.

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