Yer A Wizard, Harry

I can’t believe that my childhood novels turned 20 this year.

J.K. Rowling has shaped so much of not only my childhood but a lot of elements in my adult life. To this day I can still pick up of the Harry Potter novels and learn something from them. To this day I can still watch one of the movies and marvel in it, taking in every single piece of magic that I can.

Because magic is a wonder that we can only truly get in books and movies.

I can remember the first time I read Harry Potter, all seven books back-to-back. Tears welled in my eyes when I finally finished. I sat there, with the final book in hand, turning it over and over breathlessly wishing that it couldn’t really be over.

Harry Potter, and in turn, J.K. Rowling taught me so much about life. Because let’s face it, Harry Potter is one of the greatest forms of therapy out there – you can challenge me on this any day of the week, and I will win.

You learn so damn much it makes me want to pick up the series, reread them until I have the darkest bags under my eyes from the lack of sleep. And if you haven’t read them or even watched the movies, what rock do you live under? I encourage you to give them a chance, they have so much to offer.

So, I want to tell you what I have learned, what I got out of this series.

I learned that through the trials and tribulations of what comes with growing up, you can form some of the strongest friendships. You have to go through hardships in order to grow and if you can get through them with someone by your side, you will form a bond that is beyond measure.

Your past is not a defining characteristic of what you will do in the future. Your past is there to remind you of how far you have come, and how far you still have to go.

Wisdom, above all else, is stronger than knowledge. Loyalty is stronger than any encouragement you will ever get. Courage is found within every ounce of it.

Face your fears. It’s going to be overwhelming but it will be worth it. Bring brave isn’t always about running into the battle with your sword held high, it’s above sacrificing your own peace of mind to help others get over their struggles.


Light and love will always conquer even the greatest of evils. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, forms and functions. Love is something that we take for granted and it is the strongest drug out there. Love will always lead you out the other side.


If you get lost in your own darkness, you will not be able to live a life full of meaning. You will not find peace, and the power that you gain from tearing yourself apart is not one that will defeat the greatest power out there. Hate will always lose in the end, so why should you live a life that way? We need human connection, we need to cherish the relationships we have, allowing them to flourish in whatever way they do.

Even if you follow the pack, even if you are surrounded by the fortune that others can only fathom over, you will never know true happiness. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Fear doesn’t nourish friendships. Family doesn’t mean forever.

But mostly, you can’t live in the past. Looking back will only drive you utterly mad. There will never be a right way to answer the question of, “why did this have to happen?” There is no gain to seeking out the answer, and there is definitely no gain in seeking out revenge. Dedicating your life to some darkness or something that can’t be answered will get you nowhere. Don’t lost yourself for someone else’s gain.


We all have a purpose, we do; and even if it doesn’t make it known to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. You are destined for a greatness that you can’t even possibly begin to understand. You have to be mindful and open to the future, in creating a better present. Anyone, and everyone, can become a hero. You just need a little sprinkle of courage and a dash of bravery. And even if your remembrall is filled with red, that forgetfulness won’t last forever. And besides, you aren’t alone in this journey.

980x (1)

You, yes you, are so damn amazing. With all of your flaws and faults, you are deserving of greatness. You are capable of finding a love that is pure and 100% for you, and you alone. And even at the end of the day, when the moon is bright, you are still beautiful to those that love you. Never fear being different because the only thing that we should truly be afraid of is fear itself. And if you can’t get past that, chocolate can fix a bad day.


Everyone has their own story, do not be quick to judge them. There is almost always more going on than what we could ever know possible at that first meeting. Holding on to hatred will kill you. Always remember to forgive often, and generously. Love with such a vibrant vigor, and with loyalty. The right things are not always the easiest, but do them, with all that you have. You are capable. Always.


We all have pain, we are all hurting from something, but what you do with that is your own choice. True freedom is a gift, and will always come with some price attached to it. Friendship is something that we all must find within someone because it is indescribable. At the end of the day, they might be the ones who save you.


You are unique, you should never be ashamed to be who you are. You are the greatest gift this world could possibly ask for because you are the only one who can tell your truth, your thoughts. Your existence is beautiful. Accept yourself for your quirks, your awkwardness. Celebrate yourself at every turn.


Simple, “happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”


You aren’t defined by what others think of you. Their opinions are just that, opinions. As long as you know who you are at the end of the day, are genuine to everything that you are, and have a few people in your life that know, you have nothing to prove. Your existence, your value, your reality is enough. And even if you go on to lose the ones you love, you will always be able to find them.


Laugh often. Don’t take life so seriously all of the time. Bring joy to others, and the joy will be brought back to you tenfold.

Always keep your head on your shoulders. You can’t control people, or the situations that they will find themselves in. You will continue to grow despite them, and maybe, over time you will find them transforming into someone else right along with you.

Your friends should be treated as family. Strangers should be treated as friends (until they show you their true colours). Life is too long of a journey to be selfish. Be generous in all that you do, you will find strength in love.

No matter who you are or where you come from, you will always be welcome – as long as you tell me the functions of a rubber duck.


I could keep going on, but after close to 1300 words I think I have written your ears off. Harry Potter, there’s something there for everyone.

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