Here’s Your Playlist

You always ask what songs play while I am out walking or enjoying the calm that music brings. You, however, never have asked what songs play when I think about you.

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

This was the first song we ever danced to. At that point in our lives, what were we? Friends, maybe. I kept you at such a distance then, not letting you in or out. This song used to mean so much to me, it used to be about a love so powerful it could stand the test of anything.


This song is more about a familial type of love. I listen to this song and see fathers with their daughter, mothers with their sons and so on. Because not only is the bond between parent and child so damn strong, they lose them just as quickly as they come into this world – by the blink of an eye. You, you get to understand this, watching your little ones grow up before your eyes. And now, that’s how I see you – a father to your children, not wanting to miss a thing.

Collide – Howie Day

Whatever it was that we were back then, we were bound to fuck it up. We were two kids from the opposite sides of the track and I never wanted to be anything more than that. But we always had some sort of connection that made us collide into one another.

Because you always saw yourself as weak, misunderstood, an outcast. It felt like you put me up on a pedestal, seeing me as some confident leader who knew where I was going – a source of strength. But somehow, that’s not who I was when I let my guard down, I also needed someone to lean on.

We were never destined to be like Harry and Sally.

Ironic – Alanis Morissette

Basically, life is a cruel bitch most of the time. It sneaks up on you either for the better or for the worst.

Kind of like you.

But don’t read too much into that.

She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5

You always seemed to be waiting for me. I always was on the run, chasing something or someone.

All you ever wanted was for me to be happy, regardless of what that happened to mean. You would always be waiting for me, in some capacity, and you still are.

You have become a crucial part of my life and I am thankful that I get to have you around.

Thanks for always being there to catch me when I fall.

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