Mom. Mommy. Mama.

How do you start to thank the person who wrecked herself, temporarily, to bring you into this world?

I think it’s better to ask, how can you punctuate all of the love they have given you into a few words? Because the truth is, there will never be enough times where you can say those precious words that will even begin to match what a mother has done.

So, I sit here, contemplating what to write on Mother’s Day to the person who brought me into this world. The one person who cheered the loudest on all of my graduation days, the one who held back tears because she wanted to show how strong she truly is.


You are my biggest supporter and have given me the subtle pushes that I need to carry on when the days are tough. You have given me half of my genes, my physical traits, but beyond that, you have given me your whole heart from the very beginning. You have shown me what unconditional love is.

You taught me the power to put others first, even when they would not do the same for you. You have taught me taught me that a single smile goes a long way. You have taught me to be kind, generous. You taught me to reach for my dreams because nothing is ever to far out of my grasp.

There are no words, no perfect equivalent to the impact you have had on my life.

I love you.

Here’s to your day.

Thank you for everything.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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