2018: I’m Ready for You

Another year is closing and it feels just like yesterday it had begun.

All our attention is focused on what the past 12 months were like, and what lies ahead. It’s up to us whether we look back with fondness, cringe at our choices, smile at the successes, or mourn lost opportunities. Society tells us that no matter what we choose, when 12 o’clock dings on the clocks, we get to restart. This is our chance to try again, to try harder.

I love reflection, setting goals, making plans. But there always seems to be added pressure on January 1st and making everything we have hoped for come into fruition. There are milestones that people want us all to achieve and in many cases, bigger is (wrongly) regarded as better.

As a generation that has grown up wildly different from our parents and grandparents, we are obsessed with the superlative, we filter out the fluff and attempt to make our lives into something that is short of perfection. There is no more time for great experiences, we just judge our lives based on those around us and the milestones that they are hitting. We scroll through Facebook and Instagram making it into a battlefield of who did what and when, and who did it better. We are damaging ourselves, we are putting up a falseness that is not needed.

In making my list of all the things that I did this year, the things that I accomplished, the risks I took (both big and small) allowed me to see what I really value and want in my life.

“I removed the toxicity of both people and things from my life,” is right beside the fact that we have “owned a house for a year” and that “no matter how many times you try to be the best person you can be, there will always be others who won’t like me.”

And while I sit and look at the rest of the big milestones that I have no yet accomplished, I don’t feel any less accomplished than anyone else. I just sit and hope that my 2018 is spectacular, varied, and successful as 2017 – even if a lot of those successes are ones that leave me boasting about my workout ethic, or the new recipes that I tried and made quite well.

So, where does that leave me? Resolutions. I have added a few, subtracted even more, went back and re-added them only to scratch them out again. And then I realize that I don’t want to hold myself up to any of these damn resolutions, that I will probably just end up forgetting about them anyways. I will stick to my to-do lists, my goals lists. I am going to look at my TBR (to be read) list and check off more of those books. I will go to more events, concerts, movies. I will (hopefully) travel to new cities and meet new people. I will check off things I want to accomplish in my business and new things that I want to try. I will keep checking things off until my lists are complete. There’s less pressure that way.

And isn’t the point of life to have as much fun as you possibly can?

I hope that all of you will measure your successes by your own standards and not those milestones that everyone else hits. Do the things that YOU want to do, rather than what society tells you to do. I promise, you will make more out of your year and life that way.

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