Unsolved Mysteries

I love mysteries. I love true crime. I love documentaries. I love the unsolved.

Here are 6 of the weirdest unsolved mysteries of all time that I have come across. If you like this post, I will definitely write more!

So, settle in.

Elisa Lam, 2013

Will we ever truly know what the hell happened to this girl? Probably not, but the theories surrounding her death are so fucking bizarre that it eats at your mind and leaves you saying, “what the fuck?” over and over again.

Ricky McCormick, 1999

The video really says it all…

Lizzie Borden, 1892

I don’t know how many different supernatural, ghost hunting shows I have seen that filter through this house and leave me scratching my head. The story alone is creepy as hell but could you imagine walking through the twists and turns, the dead ends, the doors that led nowhere… no thank you.

Hessdalen Lights

Hessdalen Valley is in the middle of Norway. There have been various scientific studies out there to explain these obscure lights that happen, but no conclusive explanation has been found to date.

Do you believe in UFOs?

The Sodder Children Disappearances

The house is on fire. Parents try to help their 10 children out of the burning wreckage. 5 are still left in the house. Dad tries to save them but the ladder that was outside has vanished. Dad then tries starting up their two trucks, neither start. Dad tries to get water from a rain barrel – it isĀ frozen. Dad tries to call the fire department – no answer. Dad tries to call the neighbor – no answer. Fire response doesn’t come until 7 hours AFTER the fire started. When the investigation happens, the remaining 5 children were thought to have never been in the house because there was no bones. They said the fire was due to faulty wiring but the lights in the house were all working fine. Some say it was a cover up. Will we ever know?

Sky Trumpets

Like in the video, this has been witnessed all over the world. No one, as far as I know, has yet to explain or even come close to explaining this. It sounds like a brass trumpet played at extremely high levels. Any guesses as to what it could be?

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