If I Was

It’s been a hot minute since I last posted something. To those of you that have missed my writing, I am sorry – life got in the way and well… here we are.

I thought I would do a different sort of post, one consisting of things that sum up pieces of me. I am not going to go into detailed explanations, so don’t read too much into it.

If I was…

A colour: Navy Blue

A Greek God: Hermes, the Greek God of Boundaries – messenger of the Gods

A Greek Goddess: Styx, the Greek Goddess Binding Oath

An Addiction: Working

An Alcoholic Beverage: Long Island Iced Tea

A Drug: Ritalin

A City: Athens, Greece

Harry Potter House: Ravenclaw

An Untranslatable French Word: Je ne sais quoi – literally “I don’t know,” an indescribable attribute that makes an object, place, or person unique

A Kiss: Lingering

A Famous Landmark: Colosseum in Rome

A Season: Winter

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