Oh, Darling

My unexpected love:

You, you came into my life without a warning, a beautiful storm that was both fierce and deadly.

You, you are the puzzle piece that was missing, the one that I thought would take a lifetime to find.

You, you blew my mind and allowed my feet to dance to a new tune.

You, you crossed my path at just the right time, and now I don’t know what I would do without you.

Before I met you, I don’t think I really knew what love felt like. Sure, I had said it a few times and thought it was real. Sure, I gave all of myself to people. Sure, I had my heartbroken. 

Before I met you, I don’t think I really knew how truly amazing I was in love. Sure, I was happy. Sure, I was living on another level. Sure, I was a hopeless romantic. 

But then there you were.

You sent chills down my spine right down to my toes.

You started a fire within my heart that I never want to settle.

You, only you.

Thank you for taking my hand and leading me on this adventure.

Thank you for choosing me to walk down this twisted road with you.

You, only you.

Out of all the paths that you could have chosen, you found that the road that led to me was your best option. You have allowed us to explore each new avenue together. The sky is the limit.

Thank you for your patience and your calming hands because we both know that I am not the easiest person to live with. There will be days where the world around me will get a little darker causing me to retreat into myself and no one but you has been able to break that funk.

Thank you for making me feel like I have to run from love but can run into head first, knowing that someone will be there to catch me.

You, only you.

You have taught me that fairy tales, as unrealistic as they may be, can be true. Not every relationship is going to take a page from a Nicholas Sparks novel, but ours is something to make others jealous of. It is magical.

You are the calm before the storm. I am the hurricane that follows. 

And that’s okay because we make it work. 

Thank you for being the push that I couldn’t accept that I needed.

Thank you for breaking me out of my comfort zone.

You, only you.

Thank you for being the best chapter of my story.

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