Truly Parallel

There is a saying that goes a little something like this:

If two lines are truly parallel, it means they’ll never actually meet

You get that feeling that you have met before, that you have walked a similar path that ends at a similar place. But yet, you have never actually met. You have never touched their hand or seen their smile. You have never got to taste their kiss or feel their arms around you. But yet, you have glimpsed the way your life would have been if they were in it.

You and I.

Me and you.

Maybe there was a time when we might have come across one another, our online footprints grazing or we walked down the same street just a different times.

Maybe we went to the same university or took a class together.

But all of the odds were stacked up against us – we always seemed to miss one another. 

Maybe our stories somehow met, in some way, mirroring movements and choices. Maybe in some parallel universe we would be soul mates.

But in this moment, we don’t even know either one of us exists.

It’s hard for me to turn the pages of my book and not wonder where you are or what you are doing.

Are you hiking a trail?
Are you reading a book?
Are you drinking tea?
Are you madly in love with the one that you will give your family’s ring to?

It’s hard for me to go on knowing that we are moving away from the tangent that could be us.

It’s hard for me to not look at a person in a crowd and wonder if in another life or if I had made a different choice, would they be sitting here next to me.

It’s hard for me to not imagine the life that could have been.

Because maybe if things had been different I wouldn’t feel this emotion in the pit of my stomach. Maybe I wouldn’t be sitting here wondering about missed connections and parallel universes. 

But we carry on – you and I – as if nothing had happened. It is just an echo of what could have been. Because as a species, we don’t know the steps that must be taken to meet the person that was meant for us. We don’t know how easily one step in the other direction could have allowed us to meet someone else and for them to become the loves of our lifetime.

You just never know how much of it is because of fate, timing, coincidence. 

You just never know when your moment of tangency will come.

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