Let’s Close the Space Between Us

As we speak, there are miles separating us. The only glimpse I get of you is within the pictures that I see every now and again. But when I close my eyes, it’s a different story.

The only thing that is between us is dainty fabric and denim. There is no barrier, there is no one else in this room except you and me. The attraction that we have to one another is growing by the minute. I can’t take my eyes off of you – you can’t take yours off of me. We are both ready to fall into each other, get lost for a little while.

There is no self-control, there is no pacing ourselves. It’s unbuttoning of pants, shirts being pulled over our heads. It’s going to be another night that neither one of us is going to forget.

The tension between us – you can taste it in the air.

My palms are sweaty just thinking about the line that I could trace with my fingertips down your abdomen. You have my heart racing, my mouth dry – I can’t form a viable thought if my life depended on it. You’ve got me spinning with the way you lean in, whispering something into my ear. Something that will not only make my eyes go wide but my jaw drop.

But if I am being honest, the only thing that I want to feel between us is something raw – something real.

Something only we will know about.

Between you and me, I just want to be with you.

I want you to stop looking at you the way you do that gets me wanting more. The kind that tells me, and only me, what is about to go down. The kind that makes the tension rise even further. The closer we get, the further we go – it’s never close enough.

We want to feel something more – something deeper. We want to get lost in ourselves and not find our way back.

Between you and me, if the world was going to end right now and the last thing I saw was you, I wouldn’t mind. You are my safe place from everything bad in this world. But between the sheets, there is nothing but arms and legs. Between the sheets, there is nothing but us. Nothing else matters, nothing. There is no outside world, no problems, no conflict. We are just us, two people connecting together as one. Two people who just want one another.

It’s this type of quiet that doesn’t drive a person crazy. We can just feel one another out; the rhythm, the pulse.


Let’s allow our hands to wander and our bodies to be free. Let’s draw invisible pictures over every inch of our bodies. Let’s get to know one another on a whole other level.

Between you and me, let’s remove all these barriers. I know that we can’t totally escape our responsibilities. I know that there are going to be a number of things that will get in our way when we are trying to be alone. But when I look up into your eyes and find you looking back into mine – I can almost feel your hands tracing down the side of my cheek down my neck onto my back.

Let’s go. Let’s intertwine.

Let’s cure our love-sickness. Let’s get rid of these clothes. Let’s have a meeting under the sheets.

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