Let’s Just Be Happy

What does it mean to be truly happy? And I don’t just mean the smile that we plaster on our faces – I mean the genuine feeling of being content, whole, satisfied.

We come into this life crying, screaming for the safety we find with our mothers. We don’t have any idea about emotions, situations, complications, hardships, love. We learn most of everything we know from our families as we grow up until we are put into the school system and meet friends. At the core of it, we are all the same we are just all raised a little bit differently.

Does this mean that the emotions we all experience – the universal emotions of happy, sad, mad – are different?

Society has created this picture of happiness for us: a family with two parents, family get-togethers, siblings, friends that are always there for you, and falling in love. There are a lot of people who buy into this image, the one that is so far off nowadays because they may feel like being a part of this picture will make them happy.

But whoever came up with this idea of happiness is totally wrong – right? Who can even decide what true happiness is?

Now, I can’t be the one to tell you your definition of happiness. I don’t know what you think of when you do think of it; I could guess. Is happiness being successful, protected within the job that you hold? Is it the relationship you hold with your significant other? Is it being married? Is it having enough money that you no longer need to worry about if you can pay the bills or put food on the table?

I mean, I could keep going but I will put that to rest – think about it.

But when you do think of your true happiness I want you to sit down, close your eyes. Think about the true happiness that you have been seeking your entire life, the one that would put you on top of a cloud and never have to wonder what it would feel like to touch the ground. Because we all get caught up in the perfect picture, we can’t help it. We want to feel valued by a society that does nothing to truly help us stand on our own two feet, and even when they do, it is a temporary feeling. We shouldn’t limit our happiness to that of others, we shouldn’t confuse it with the feelings of others. This is a dirty habit that we all should break, especially now with the ability to snoop into everyone’s life on social media.

Happiness can come in many shapes and sizes. It can be found within yourself, a person, a place, your child, your family. You are the only one who can decide where your true happiness lies, you. Maybe you haven’t figured it out yet, maybe it will take you more time than others. But the search is a little piece of why we are here.

We weren’t put here to be so lost within our minds that you can’t remember what it is like to get out of it. We weren’t put here to devalue our standards and ourselves.

We were put here to put our best foot forward and keep trudging along. We were put here to find out who were are and where we are going. We were put here to make genuine connections with those around us and extend a hand to those who give us the right feels. We were put here to just be.

Yes, life gets in the way. We get pushed down, our plans get put on hold, we lose ourselves. Our hearts get broken, our feelings hurt, our chapters left incomplete. But we also have those moments, moments where time flies because we are having so much fun. Our hearts are healed, our smiles are plastered on our faces, we dance the nights away.

All I can ask is that you think of your happy place and establish that in real life. Reach out to a long-lost friend, pull someone closer. Go for a walk, turn your music up loud. Dance and sing around your house. Do what makes you happy, don’t let someone or something hold you back.

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