Communication: What does it mean to you?

I have noticed lately that there has been a lot communicating with one another but nothing is really being said. There is no deep and meaningful conversations. There are more mediocre relationships than true connections. Is it because we are becoming so reliant on technology, on social media that we have begun to fear those connections that we used to make when we were little kids?

Have we come too far to look back?

Likes, hearts, comments, shares, retweets, replays.

It becomes addictive. We sit there almost obsessing over the number of likes or hearts our posts get on the daily. We thrive on instant gratification and loathe having to wait for something. We take in so much information in such a small amount of time that we are bombarded with things that are so insignificant.

We are losing the ability to express ourselves authentically. We build up this persona for our social media lives – have we forgotten who we are?

Our motivation for expression is lost on trying to impress or make ourselves look better than someone else – hell, we copy so much now it is hard to tell what is genuine and what isn’t. Our motivation is dependent on someone else’s reaction or attention – it hurts.

We no longer need to communicate face-to-face. We are becoming dependent on the messaging features of popular apps that we lose the ability to interact with one another. How would you react to someone saying that they are developing feelings for you in person? How would you react to someone saying that they want to be with you? Do you remember the last time you kissed that one person that you are thinking about now?

Now, don’t get me started about dating. From my observations dating has become a sort of shit-show all on its own. Things aren’t how they used to be and I have lost a lot of faith in believing that we will get back there. In the past things were simpler, there was a beauty to it. There weren’t as many options and that was okay. Fast forward to today and we have more options than we ever thought possible. We can swipe, hit next, refuse to respond all in a matter of minutes. We can not only make multiple selections but we can talk to a number of people all at the same time.

Everything is possible right in the palm of our hands.

There is no need for an emotional connection with someone.

Casual. Lack luster. Frequent. Affairs. Cyber.

We are losing the ability to naturally strike a conversation with anyone around us. Our relationships are short-term and growing at a rapid rate.

Would you disconnect with the social world for a little while? Would you put your phone down only to answer telephone calls?

Maybe it would be a good challenge.

Go out, be present. Start a conversation. Put your phone away. Have organic human contact.

Be you for once.

Maybe you will find something you have been waiting for.

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