Making Up for Lost Time

I always felt like I had known you all of my life. I always felt like we had this cosmic connection of sorts. I always felt like you knew me better than I knew myself.

And maybe we haven’t known each other for a long time, maybe we have only known each other for a hot minute. Maybe our worlds were running in parallel lines always coming close but never meeting. Maybe we had fallen for other people, lived our lives, chased after our dreams. Maybe we just aren’t sure where our lives are headed, what direction our feet will take us in. Maybe we are chasing after hours, days that have just gotten away from us – moments that we will never get back.

But, right now, in this moment, let’s make up for lost time. 

Me and you, let’s walk through the sands of our times; trace back the moments that are all too clear in our memories. Let’s walk down back alleys, dirt roads, sidewalks. Let’s run wild in the desert, and chase fireflies in the forest. Let’s wait for the rain and dance under the stars, keeping each other warm. Let’s tell each other stories until we fall asleep in one another’s arms.

And instead of wishing we were somewhere else, instead of floating away from the present, let’s live in the moment.

Take your hand, let it trace my silhouette, following the curves of my face down to my toes. Take me hand, guide me to your favourite spots, tell me a story with your body. Show me your scars, the lines of your face when you smile, the space where your shoulder meets your neck. Take me on an adventure, show me how your lips feel and the taste of your kiss. Remind me of the innocent boy you once were, show me the man you are now.

Let’s eliminate the distance between us.

Let’s put on our favourite songs, tell the stories of where and who we were when they became a favourite. Let’s forget about the time and just lost in the melodies. Let’s close our eyes, forget about the missed opportunities, and lay down under the glow of the light up ahead. Let’s relive the moments that we couldn’t be together, and experience them all over again – together.

Let’s make up for all of the lost time.

Stop wishing about what we could have had back them, what should have been done. Let’s hold each other now until we can’t breathe, kiss until our lips are raw. Let’s not let go until we are forced apart.

Let’s dance until our feet hurt, sing until our throats ache. Let’s hop on the next plane out of here, make our own memories. Let’s explore. Let’s dream.

Let’s make up for all of the lost time.

Let’s take each other’s hearts, hold them a little tighter than they have ever been held before. Let’s carve out the spaces of hurt from the past and fill them with the bright future that we can finally see. Let’s replace the emptiness with warmth, with passion.

Let’s love one another differently than we ever have before. 

Because we could spend a lifetime looking back at everything that has happened, and nothing would change. The regrets that we hold, the times when we thought we weren’t enough, the lost loves. We could spend hours rehashing it all, crying over something that has already happened. But it won’t get us anywhere.

Let’s breathe in and breathe it all out. We have learned our lessons. Let’s drive away from the past, leaving it all in the rear-view mirror. Our journey ahead is filled with so much hope.

Let’s make up for lost time and love each other wildly, loudly, fearlessly.

This life is too fucking short to waste.

And, to be honest, I don’t want to miss another moment with you.

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