You’re the Book

Books. I love them; their smell, the sound the pages make when you flip them, the feel of their spine, the words that flow effortlessly across the pages. I love how I can feel each of the emotions, I can picture and hear the voices of the characters. My eyes see past the cover art and the synopsis to find the beauty that is within. I can feel the pain, the joy, the sadness that fills each character and setting. Each word of love or bitterness I can taste as if it was meant for my ears only. I can feel all of the senses as I turn each page of a book, and I can feel it all when I am with you too. 

You are my favourite book. I will do anything to keep you with me.

You are as precious as each and every book that sits dormant on my shelf, being taken care of in ways that only I know how to. You are composed of captivating lines that make me not want to put you down and read you forever.

The way you waltz into any room, absorbing the reactions of everyone allowing them to be drawn to you, makes me want to have all of your attention. To me, you will always be my most treasured item, the one that the spotlight follows everywhere you go. At first sight, you may come off as having no grey areas in your life filled with blacks and whites but to me you are all the colours combined. You bring such a happiness, such an excitement to the life that you lead that I can’t help but be moved by the way you make everyone else feel. You never falter when someone is in need, you are constantly putting everyone else before you. In the moments that we are intertwined in one another, you make me feel like I am floating above the clouds on a magic carpet ride. You keep me on my toes, never letting me stagger – you cherish me like no other. Sure, there are going to be times that you will make my heart ache with terrible conflicts that seem like they will weigh down heavily on us. But, all of this teaches me more about us, about love and life.

Each moment that we spend together is sealed inside my mind, put inside a vault with my greatest treasures. From the little things you do to the dramatic shows of love, will be around to keep me remembering how deep we really flow. I will always be able to remember the way you look at me with unwavering eyes, and the way your smile melts my heart in an instant.

Every book will always have a critic or two, but my evaluation of you will always be the same. You are a book that I could read forever, one that I don’t ever want to put down.

You give me unexpected twists and turns as if we are on a roller coaster that has no ending and just keeps getting better with time. You are filled with interesting stories and keep surprising me with every one you tell. The words that come out of you flow effortlessly – you have such a natural way with people it takes my breath away. You may not always know how to say the most romantic things or even profess your love, but the taste of your words on my lips is why I hold you so close to my heart. You may raise your voice in frustration, forgetting that my soul is sensitive and I take it all to heart, but you give them to me in such a way that they don’t taste bitter or filled with hurt. This is why I hold onto you a little bit harder, you are flawed in such a beautiful way it makes me know that you are real

You don’t mind that I live in a whole different world than most. One that is filled with lilies and roses, dancing to my own tune. You just chuckle to yourself, watching me intensely, knowing that no matter how lost I get I will always find my way back to you.

And just like all of the books on my shelf, your spine will crack and break. The binding that holds you all together may falter one day, pages may fall loose, but I will still care for you the same way I did on day one. I will always keep you. You are the safe place that I go to, you make me feel alive and whole. I couldn’t handle losing any of my books, even though they can be replaced – but you, you can’t be. I can feel it all when I am with you, and I don’t want to risk losing that. 

After all, out of all of the books I have ever held or owned, you’re the book that I can’t get enough of.

You are my all time favourite – a classic.



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