What Happens Tomorrow

I know I shouldn’t be here.

I know I shouldn’t be thinking these thoughts.

I know I shouldn’t be doing this.

But I can’t stop.

The moment you walked in the door. The second your hand touched mine. The instant you pulled me in closer. All of my morals and my brain walk right out the door. Rational thoughts – yeah, they’re gone too. All I want to do is feel your skin on mine, letting the shivers run down my spine. I want your lips on my collar-bone, moving to my neck – finding their way to my lips.

There is no high that is better than this.

I know this might end badly.

I know the morning is going to come.

But I can’t help it.

You make this honest, smart, slow girl a reckless fool.

Your lips, your tongue can do things to my body, my mind. Your voice, your smile makes my heart leap into my throat.

You’re the kind of torture that comes only with pleasure.

I know that I will wake up not wanting to look at myself.

I know that I will wake up and see your smile.

I know that it will happen again.

Because all I want is your body next to mine. Because the moments that it happens are far and few between. Because when they happen it is an explosion.

Because I love the way my legs feel wrapped around your waist.

Because we are trapped within each other and it is my favourite sin.

You are all kinds of wrong wrapped in a bundle of imperfection. But, fuck, do I want to be next to you, in your bed. The way you carry yourself, like you’re so sure of who you are and want you want drives me crazy. You always manage to do me right and it makes me so angry how good you are at it.

I am perfectly imprisoned in your arms.

You have me and you know it.

You know that when you look at me like that, I melt.

Maybe it’s because you are the one person who slipped right through the cracks. Maybe it’s because we agree on the same things. Or maybe it’s because emotionally we are both unavailable that I know what I am going to get. But, all of that doesn’t matter, I just want you.

I crave it. I like the mystery, the kind that keep you up late at night with more questions. I like you. Everything that I have seen so far, everything that we have talked about. I like that I can’t see where this is going, if I am ever going to see you again. I am addicted to what comes next in our story, the rush that comes along with getting you once in a blue moon. 


It’s wrong and it goes against everything I have ever said. But I still want you, more than ever.

When you come calling, I come running. Even though I know I should run for the hills.

I’m drawn to you like a magnet.


You are all that I want.

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