Don’t Worry, Honey, You’re Not Clingy

That one person, that boy or girl that you enjoy talking to. The one that gives you butterflies. The one you don’t want to go a moment without, if they liked you back, they would answer your messages and your calls.

It’s that simple.

Don’t think you are clingy if you want to text them after days without talking. You’re certainly not clingy if you respond back to their messages within minutes.

Don’t think you are clingy if you are left there waiting for them to message you back, if you wonder where it all went wrong.

The attention that you give to them doesn’t mean you are clingy, it means you care. You care enough to make them a priority, to make them worth your time.

If they give you hell for that. If they make you feel like you are spending too much time on them, they don’t like you (anymore).

If they did, they would be over the moon when your name flashing across their screen. They would know that you are thinking of them, like they are thinking of you.

If they did, they would bask in the attention you are giving them and they would return it, tenfold. They would give you the same amount of time and energy that you are putting in.

They would find you, even on their busiest days.

If they did, you wouldn’t be left there second guessing every single word and conversation. You wouldn’t be asking yourself if you should reply simply or with how you truly feel.

Honey, you shouldn’t be scared to express your feelings.

They are only doing this because they are not ready for you. Because they still want the freedom to do and be with whomever they choose.

They just don’t like you as much as you like them.

If they did, then that word wouldn’t even be in their mouths. You wouldn’t be sitting around waiting for a reply, they would instantly give you one. You wouldn’t have to ask when the next time you will be seeing them is, they are already on their way over.

So, if this is what you are dealing with. Take a good hard look. Are they worth it? If not, move on.

Find someone who is craving your time. Someone who will be there for you like you are there for them. Someone who doesn’t run when you tell them how you feel.

Wait for that person who worries when you don’t reply back, when you don’t pick up the phone. Someone who is proud to call you theirs – who would scream your name off the top of a cliff.

Wait for that person who is the first person to message you in the morning and the last one at night.

Because to them, you are worth it.

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