Fall in Love with Simplicity

Who watches the Bachelor and Bachelorette? Who falls victim to wanting the flashy and loud portrayals of love?

Most of us right?

I know that so many of us want something to completely bow us away. You want the big and magical sparks that leave you dizzy from the rush. You want to be swept off your feet. You want the crazy-stupid-love that will last no matter what.

How do I know? Because I want it too, but I want you to know this… you can have it, just not in the way it’s portrayed elsewhere. You just have to slow down a little bit, take a breath, and admire the beauty that is around you.

That kind of love, the love that your heart craves so badly; the one only seen on television, in movies, with the rich and famous lives only there. The kind of love that is real, the one that is filled with magic and mystery stays hidden from those who don’t yet deserve it. It patiently waits, and then there it is tucked behind kind words, caring eyes, and small gestures. This love is selfless and rare, it takes its own time. It is found within the chaos, the messy, the imperfections.

Your big love will only be found in the simplest of moments.

This love is portrayed within the words that come out of their mouth in your moments of weakness, when you have lost all faith in yourself. It is the glances that last too long and the ones that leave you feeling like you are the only ones in a room full of people. It is finding someone who knows you better than you know yourself and having them show you the little things that you never knew were there.

This love is the warm hugs, lingering touches, soft kisses. It is the gentle push that you need to get out of bed, when you need to be challenged. It is putting you in the spotlight allowing the world to see the remarkable person that you are even when you have forgotten. It is the spontaneous actions, the silly laughter, the long drives. It is the support that is always there, no questions asked.

This love is the one that takes care of you when you are sick with an illness, the one that stays with you overnight in hospitals, and picks you up when you have nothing left. It is doing the dishes, taking out the trash, buying groceries. It is the sneaking up behind you when you are cooking only to find their arms wrapped around you.

This love is the one that makes you never feel alone.

This love is the warmth you feel when the sun is shining down and the vastness when the stars come out to dance. It is walking in the rain only to stop for an impromptu dance break. It is holding your hand when thunder claps and lightning strikes. It is growing together as the wind gets colder, the leaves change colour, and snow falls.

This love, the one sitting next to you, is the one you so deeply desire. Look closer and marvel at its beauty.

This love is the one that will never give up. It is built on days, months, years of trust and respect. It is the one that will make you crazy-stupid. It is the one that will be there through it all until death.

This love is the one that starts slowly and out of simplicity.

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