Just One Kiss

That’s all it took.

One kiss and I was mesmerized by you. I was left with the world spinning around me, something was fluttering in my tummy.

They say when you feel it, you know.

Damn, were they right.

When you get a chance to kiss that one person you have been waiting to kiss, do it. When you get a chance to kiss that one person that you clicked with from the beginning, do it.

Because when you kissed me it was like a shock wave running from my lips to my toes. My eyes had finally been opened as if I had never seen the world before.

All it took was that one kiss.

One kiss and I knew exactly what I was missing out on.

I felt your lips on mine, firm but soft, as if you were trying to make me forget every other kiss before yours. Reminding me what it felt to be cared for, to be taught a lesson on how I should be kissed.

Your body moved into mine, your lips molding into mine. You were opening up to me, you were showing me a piece of your heart. You were telling me to come in, to take a closer look. You were saying, I trust you.

Your hands danced up my back, caressing my shoulders, cupping my face. You were pulling me closer as your lips told me the secrets your words could never, a contradiction that made my head spin. I could feel my knees beginning to shake under the weight of it all.

All it took was that one kiss.

One kiss to make me feel like I was on a cloud.

The morning was bright, the sun just getting to place. My feet firmly in place, tingling, I had to take a step back to breathe it all in. You made it hard: to stand, to find words, to remember where I was. My head was filled with all of these words to tell you what it meant, believe me I was trying, but it was such a jumbled mess of perfection – kind of like you and I

And I don’t want to forget that.

I don’t want you to forget that.

You kiss me and it tasted like a melody on the wind.

So I filled my lungs up with oxygen and then I let it all out. There was something magical in that moment. I have always been the one to organize my thoughts, contemplate their worth, and move forwards with a story in mind.

But with you, it was so very different.

You were taking the lead, you were the one guiding me.

Your lips were telling my body exactly what it needed to hear, how it needed to feel.

All it took was that one kiss.

And I was lost in you.

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