Sometimes We Need These Simple Messages

Do you ever just look at your phone and wish there was sweet messages waiting there for you? Do you ever just wonder why you don’t have them waiting for you?

Sometimes we need a super simple message to lift our spirits or to remember that we are loved. Here are some messages that would make my and anybody’s day:

  1. Good morning beautiful, how was your night?
  2. You make me happy.
  3. You make me forget the rest of the world.
  4. When I am with you, I wish time could stop.
  5. Thank you for believing in me.
  6. I’m thankful that I have you in my life.
  7. I can’t stop thinking about you.
  8. I love the person that you are.
  9. You make me think of a better place.
  10. I miss you.
  11. I can’t wait to kiss you later.
  12. I love you.
  13. You make me smile.
  14. Been thinking about you all day.
  15. I’m crazy about you.
  16. You’re the best.
  17. You looked great last night.
  18. I wish I didn’t have to drive away.
  19. You still give me butterflies.
  20. I miss your face.
  21. I appreciate you.
  22. I feel good when I am with you.
  23. Hope you’re having a great day.
  24. Wish I was there.
  25. I can’t wait to see you.

Sometimes we just need to hear it.

So pick up your phone, message you someone special.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes We Need These Simple Messages

      1. Amen to that. Definitely something I need to take notice of more. I’m always flying through the day while very rarely taking the time to appreciate and acknowledge the “menial” things of life. Most often, the “smaller” the item is, the more significance it carries.

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