In My Opinion: Perfect Series Finales

Whether we like it or not, our favourite shows have to end. And a big portion of how the show will go down in history is how it ends. A number of great series have fallen victim to the series finale slump. Before now, and I guess even in some cases now, shows would go on and on until they were no longer gaining profit for the network and then they were cancelled, often with no finale.

Writers and the actors know how much rides on their finales, and some shows go up to the plate with a big one planned. Sometimes they work out exactly as there are intended, other times – not so much.

Here are my top 5 runners for perfect series finales. If you want the remaining 5, give me a comment and I will finish!


friends.gif“I got off the plane,” chills? Yeah, me too.

Strong and satisfying. To this day I can still rewatch Friends and be impacted the same way as the first time I ever watched it.

Friends was still top in ratings in its final season. The show explored every romantic combination of the main cast, showed the strength of true friendship, and allowed fans to be okay with the show ending.

The finale was nothing short of what we could expect. Ross and Rachel are finally back together. Chandler and Monica are given the opportunity to become parents and move out of the big city. It was a warm send off that still leaves me in tears.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

buffyThe final season of Buffy went back to the basics that seemed to be forgotten about in the sixth season. You get to see Buffy in all her glory kicking ass. You also get the return of Spike, even though we only get to see him fall.

Willow gets to show how awesome she really is, her magic is what gave power to all the potentials and take on the First Evil. Even though there are a number of casualties, they manage to seal the Hellmouth. This is what left us all shook. Buffy gets to look back at the remains of Sunnydale, realizing that she can now do whatever she wants – be whoever she wants. They all get to drive off into the sunset and that last smile is one of victory.


er.gifThis show… am I right?

Over the course of 15 years, the storytelling never ceased to make us feel something. The ending gave us exactly what we always wanted: a big medical emergency, and a chance to say goodbye to our most beloved characters.

We got to look back on Dr. Greene when his daughter toured the hospital and ended up going out for drinks with everyone. It was the goodbye we wanted.

Breaking Bad:

breaking bad.gifI binged this show on Netflix and can’t believe how fast I powered through it. I couldn’t just watch two or three episodes, I had to watch the entire fucking thing in a week. I was BLOWN away.

Walter White finally faces his consequences for his crime-filled life. Taking a step down memory lane, Walter knows that regardless of how the chase ends, the cancer will take him. We get the gun fight, the reunion with Jesse, the heartfelt farewell. The final scene where Walt enters the lab with nostalgia filling him, collapsing to the ground. The camera panning out to see a police officer taking his pulse.

I was never disappointed.


mash.gifI remember watching reruns of this with my grandpa. I also watched it alone after he had gone. It still lingers in my mind today.

The tragedies of war were always what M*A*S*H* was about. The hilarity to cope with all of the death that surrounded the cast was the heart of a show lasted eleven years. The writing was never heavy-handed and was never filled with too much information.

Hawkeye, no one had a greater story than him. He is being treated for his nervous breakdown and we are given a glimpse at his repressed memory of the woman refugee. The lowest part of his life was watching her smother her child to keep it quiet. But as he is leaving on the helicopter, the camera pans down, to ‘Goodbye’ written in stones.

Heartstrings tugged.

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