You know those times when you are laying in your bed, staring up into the blackness? The times where your mind seems to be running on overdrive? The times when you find yourself thinking about that one person, that one time, that one place?

You know it isn’t the right time or place to be thinking about it. You try to push it all back down only to find yourself right back where you started. You find yourself picking up your phone, typing out a message. It would be the perfect thing for them to wake up to, hell you wish someone would say something like that to you. But you abandon the ship, you hit delete, and roll over. But then there are those nights where you do hit send, and there are other nights when you find your phone screen lighting up only seconds later.

They can’t sleep either. They ask to come over.

It didn’t have to be like this. You didn’t have to say yes to them coming over. You’re a mess, no one should see you like this.

But it’s happening, and you’re the only one to blame.

The room around you is quiet. You get out of bed, walk down your stairs. The darkness that is around you begins to get softer, it becomes less scary with the prospect of having company (which you are thinking won’t show up anyways). You turn on your playlist, music always helps ease your mind.

But the music only brings one picture to your mind. You start to notice the things that you usually ignore, but you are calm. Your dreams are possible, you have hope. Love is tangible, reachable.

They have been your one thought. The minutes that tick by on the clock turns to hours, and you still find them on your mind. But, if they show up, that thought will become more. And all you can think about now is the smile that you hope to see, the arms you want to feel around you.

And, there it is, the knock you have been waiting for.

Your heart begins to race.

The atmosphere changes as soon as you open the door. There they are, there is that smile. Hello. The melody of their voice, their laughter has always been a song you loved hearing. Time seems to disappear.

For the next few hours, intertwined in each others company, the warmth that you had forgotten about returns. They are letting you in. They are getting closer. It’s all you have wanted, all you have waited for.

This will be your universe for a moment in time. This will be your everything. It just feels right. It may get complicated later, but for now, it isn’t.

You need them so much closer than they have been lately.

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