Attention Seeker

I sit here, staring down at the blank page before me, and close my eyes. I imagine you here, next to me. I can feel your skin pressed up against mine, the smell of you filling my nose. It’s like you are here, fingers interlaced between mine.

I can feel your fingers lightly dance on my skin, relieving the stress from the day. You linger a little while on my shoulder, leaning in to kiss the spot between my clavicle and neck. You’re so close, I can feel your breath leaving goosebumps down my spine. Your hand slides down my back tenderly as if I am the most precious thing you have ever touched.

I can hear your laughter; the way it echoes in my mind leaves me wanting more. I love it and the way I can hear it in your voice, it is the only melody I want to hear. Even after you have fallen silent, listening to my every word, valuing my opinion – I can’t wait to hear you speak again.

You have all of my attention. I come alive when I am with you.

I crave you.

Even with the world running rapid around us. Even with a million and one distractions, I can’t seem to focus. There are words flashing on my computer screen, messages popping up on my cellphone – all left unanswered. Because no matter what I do, I can’t seem to keep you out of my mind.

No matter how close or far away you are, hell I could be on the other side of the universe, away from your smile and your lips on mine. But even so, I would always feel close to you. Because no matter how many other things occupy space in my mind, all of the potential plans and dreams brewing, I am concentrated on you. I don’t have room for anyone or anything else.

I could be teased with all of the romantic gestures, all of the riches in the world, tempted by luxury, and flights to anywhere, but I still wouldn’t lose track of you. Because I can be lured in with sweet words, but smooth talking only falls short – the only one I want is you.

It’s your attention I am seeking.

I want your words, your time, your mind. I want to understand how you think and who you are; the places you have been and the people that you have seen. I want to sit down with you for hours learning about where you came from, rewinding back all the years that I missed not knowing you. I want to know what makes you angry, what hurts your feelings, what makes you scared. I want you to open up to me, and I will let you in too. Piece by piece, I want to unravel it all.

Because there is something about the way you make me feel, something about how everything just falls silent and instantly becomes brighter. My heart pounds right out of my chest, my brain can’t seem to function.

There is a lot to be said in the moments that I am with you, it’s like I have known you forever. There is something to be said about the way you have captivated my mind, taken control of every thought and have them narrowed in only on you.

There is something about you that has all of my attention.

There is something about you that has got all of me.

There is something about you.

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