The Story of Your Life

We all have a story. One that is made up of our pasts, presents, and futures. My story has many chapters that are filled with a number of different people who have made an impact. My story is one of struggle, thunderstorms, and the flower garden that has found its way to blossom. But when I look at you and the story that you tell; as I trace my fingers down your cracked spine, hoping to gain some knowledge of your life’s story. I find myself in your arms, and the world around us stands still. Your present, is filled with me and what is important now is us. With my head on your chest, I can hear the beat of your heart finding it perfectly synced with mine. I think of the future, wanting nothing more than your happiness.

I firmly believe that each and every person that crosses paths with you, carries some purpose in your life. Some will teach you a valuable lesson, others are there for you to teach. Not everyone that you come across is meant to stay; some are only there for a page or a chapter.

Rainy days like this give me time to think, and I often wonder where I fit in the story of your life. Will I be a force to be reckoned with, someone who writes her way in, your person?

I know you can feel it. The sensation that you get when I enter the room or even the way I make you feel when my name flashes on your cellphone screen. They say that a home is not a place but a person, the secure feeling that you come to know when you are in their arms. Do you understand?

You are home for me. A part of my story that I carry so close to my heart; one that will never be erased.

I have stood next to you through your struggles, the ones that you fight with such an intensity that it leaves me breathless. I know love scares you, you have told me, and even as we take our steps together – there is something that leaves you a few steps back.

Where do I fit in the story of your life?

One day when you glance my way or see me in passing, will I be the one you tell everyone that got away? As the months turn into years and you are telling your daughter a story, will I be the one you open up about? The one that you unknowingly tell her about when you talk of love and mystery. Or will I only be a memory? A thought that you let replay now and again, in your lowest moments when you think about that once-in-a-lifetime person?

I have made the conscious effort to come to terms with the fact that I may never know. Am I destined to be your lifelong friend, your person? The woman that you can identify with for a lifetime, the one who looks beyond your demons to see the real you. The one that you let watch you from afar as you fall in love with another and smile on the inside knowing that your happiness matters more.

I can’t see where I fit in the story of your life. What I do know is that you will always be a part of mine. You will be my person, until the end of my days. The one soul, no matter time or distance, I will never turn my back or my heart on. 

If it comes to the day when fate takes us on our separate paths, know that you will always be with me. You have taught and given me so much, more than you will ever be aware of. I will always cherish our memories, the warm tingly feelings when we touch, and the way our hearts always seemed to beat together.

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