Real Love isn’t a Fairytale

Darling, real love isn’t a fairytale. So erase everything you have ever heard or seen true love to be because it isn’t that.

Real love is not all about rose petals, kisses, and whispered sweet nothings. Your foot won’t pop when he kisses you, and when you try to make it happen you will look foolish – trust me. It is not about fireworks and birds chirping, adoring gazes that seem to never end. Real love is not what we see in Disney movies and romcoms.

Real love is so much better.

Why, you ask… because that fairytale that we have all grown up around, is not real – it never will be. That is a fantasy, one that is hard to achieve. It is a concept that has been so commercialized that it is not the real deal. When you fall in love with the right person, the love you gain is not cheesy. There isn’t going to be a soundtrack that plays when you first lock lips or when you become engaged. The credits are not going to roll that read ‘and they lived happily ever after.’

Real love is like climbing up a mountain and surviving the harshest blizzard. It is a perfect blend of growing apart and growing together. It is about finding the roads that lead back to each other. You will be constantly testing one another. Real love is a thunderstorm that floods your heart and leaves you shook. It is about the arguments that leave you filled with doubt and the make ups that make you realize those doubts are not doubts at all but something beautiful that strengths your relationship. Real love is about knowing when you need time alone and time together. It is about tears that turn into downpours and the flowers that bloom afterwards. Real love is fucking hard, painful, and difficult. 

And, darling, if it isn’t difficult than it’s not real.

But when you find that one person, your always person, it will still take a lot of work, compromise, and time. It won’t matter how many things you have in common or how strong your bond is, you will always be climbing up that hill. The thing to remember is: you won’t be alone.

That climb that you take, the one you take together, even though it is going to be a struggle there are still going to be so many moments that are filled with laughter. There are going to be flowers that pave a path for you from the tears that you have cried. You are going to be able to look back at the battlefield, and know that you stayed – you held on. Because real love means fighting through all of the bad stuff; the ugly and the black. It’s about getting past the monsters and closing the doors to them. It’s about being together.

When you are with the right person, no matter how terrible it gets or how much stress is piled up, you will always find your way back to them. No matter how long it takes to find your way back to them, or how long it takes for them to crack a smile on your face, you know that in the end they are still there waiting. The storms that you face will always be worth it because you know what it is like to win with them by your side.

When you have the right person, you will grow up, together, and apart – you strengthen all of the bonds that are around you, individually and as a couple. You know that no matter how you are together, you are still your own person at the end of the day and they are too.

When you finally are able to settle down with the right person, no battle will ever be too big. No fight will ever be too hard. Because you will do whatever it takes, whatever it means to keep falling in love with them day after day. 

You will always win the fights, together. And you will always overcome the dark nights, together. You will make good times, together. Everything will become golden and beautiful, together. 

And that is when you will know that you don’t want to fight with anyone else.

For the rest of your days.

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