There’s Always That ‘One’

When you truly fall in love with someone, that love never really goes away. No matter the type of relationship or how it ended, it doesn’t mean you will one day wake up not loving them. To be honest, if you really loved them, you will love them until the end of time. 

Love doesn’t diminish easily, it doesn’t fade suddenly.

No matter how old you are when it happened, when you fell in love for the very first time, you will always remember how it felt. It doesn’t matter how long you stayed with someone or if it was exclusive, you will always remember the way they looked at you. It doesn’t matter how it fell apart, you will always remember the moments that left you breathless. That love will always be inside of you. That love will always be the one you compare the next to. It will always be alive in parts of you, in parts of them.

It doesn’t matter how long it has been since you last talked or seen them, the fire will still burn when you see them again. Time, in this case, doesn’t matter. It may be cruel to bring up old feelings, but that is also the magic of it all. The beauty of love lives on. Which is the odd thing about love, the beauty of it, the way we can’t forget about it – the way we are so addicted to it.

You won’t ever forget that one person. You won’t ever stop loving them in some capacity. No vice will fill the space that they left in your chest. 

But the hurt does lessen. The space does shrink and becomes filled with the most spectacular garden you have ever seen. It is a wound that will forever be filled with happy memories, it won’t cry anymore.

You will never stop loving them. You will always love their smile and the way they said your name. The way they made you laugh and continued to remind you how special you really are. You will always remember the way they smelled and the comfort that they gave. You will always be loving these things about them, even the things that drove you crazy before.

They will still invade your dreams, your thoughts. You will be constantly wondering where they are today, if they are happy, if they still think of you. You will wonder if they still have a love for you like you do for them. You will always want the best for them and hope that they keep you in their thoughts. You will always wonder and that is okay.

It is okay that you are going to be stuck in a state of longing and loving. It is going to hurt and hurt like hell. It was real and you are meant to feel it always. Trust in me, love isn’t all that it is in the movies. It is going to hurt, especially when you miss them like crazy. It is going to continue to hurt long after you have said your final goodbyes.

But there will be a day when this cursed blessing will come in handy. You will get your chance to experience your big, great love. The one that leaves you breathless, hands shaking, and hopeful for the future. You will realize that when this love is returned, how special it truly is. You will realize that this is the one that will stay.

Even when you are reminded of your prior loves, it is okay. Loving them will never go away, but you have to let it be. You can’t let it tear you apart and keep you from the great love standing next to you. Because that garden in your heart will always be there, you have to let it bloom the way love always does.

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