You’re Like Family

Hey you,

You are the one person that I bumped into by accident leaving you rocked and shocked by my sudden appearance. But it is not by accident that you remain in my life. You have been with me through the worst of things and found me at the end when the best things happen. We have laughed together, we have cried together. You have made me feel less alone in this world.

You have opened up to me like I did with you. We no longer hesitate to tell a story to one another, we never falter. We are on this journey together in so many ways. At times it feels like you have always been by my side. You have become someone that I believe in, the one who I know will always be there. You are my confidant and someone that I can be myself with.

You have become the late night conversations, the secret keeper, the early mornings. You are the one who is on the other line. You always know what to say. You are the shoulder that I lean on, the legs that carry me home. You have become the reminder that I need of who I am and who I will become.

You are my family.

It’s kind of amazing how we meet the people that we do, how they become someone so powerful. We find the people that sync up with the beat of our own hearts, who walk to the same rhythm. We come to chase similar dreams and we agree on the same morals. We realize that blood doesn’t have to connect us, the stars have done that for us.

Our families, the ones that we are born or adopted into are the ones that love and raise us, they are also the ones that drive us crazy. These are the people that we have come to call our own. But then, people like you come along and it is a choice to have you around. We don’t share DNA or a roof over our heads, but we still found each other somehow. We embrace one another, we remind each other that we are loved – no matter how dark the world gets.

And that’s you. I think it’s always been you from the moment we met. You are the one who will always answer my call and know what I am going to say the moment you hear my voice. You can lift me up and help me resolve the troubles on my mind. Through you I have learned strength, resilience, and how to fight even when I want to give up. We fell into an easy friendship, one that isn’t filled with competition or bitterness – it is beyond a doubt real and genuine. I trust you with my life. With you, I am my most comfortable self.

You are the friend that feels like family, who has taught me that a love like this doesn’t have to come from the people you are raised by. You showed me that I could be cared for by someone other than someone I share a blood tie with. In turn, you showed me how much I could care about someone.  I never expected an impact like this.

You are the one who has given me back hope, and helped me continue on my journey. You showed me my own potential, and brought out something within myself that I was scared to show others. You have stood by my side rather than walking away.

So, thank you for always being there, for showing me that family and true friendship is forever.

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