They’re Just Not That Into You… sorry

We all make those silly excuses for the people that we have come to care about. The one’s who say that they want us in their lives and will try harder to make that known. When in reality, those excuses we make are just there for our egos, we know the truth. We know exactly when they are going to make that convenient little backstory to why they ignored us or blew us off. 

“It’s not that they aren’t into you… they’re busy. They care, they do. It’s just… life’s hiccups getting in the way.”

Sound familiar?

It should. We all have done it at some point in time or another. Maybe the reasons that we invent are true, maybe they still make the effort. Maybe you are just the one thing that slips into the cracks because life did just get in the way. Maybe the balancing act is just not in your favour.

But from what I know, from what I have experienced; when someone cares, they show it. They make every single effort to make you know that they care. They steal away moments to message you back, to call you. They find time to see you. They let you know how important you are. That you are enough.

If they don’t, chances are they are just not that into you. Whatever you do mean to them just isn’t enough to make the effort. They don’t feel the same way you do. Their attention is focused elsewhere and let’s face it, they aren’t committed to the relationship.

If someone wants you, they let you know. They let you feel it. They find the time to show you their feelings. They tell you, straight up. There is no tiptoeing around it. Even if their life is going in a million different directions, if time is not on their side, they will still find a way. We all make room for the things that matter to us – or at least I do. We go the extra mile when it is someone we are falling for.

And if they do have a busy day. If service is an issue (even when it wasn’t before). If they can’t find the time. Maybe the only real explanation is that they are just not invested. They are just not the into you.

Otherwise, they would find the time.

You would have a spot in their mind.

You would.

So don’t lose sleep on someone who’s not losing any over you.

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