I and Love and You

I often find myself looking at a blank piece of paper, wondering what to write. And then I am taken back to you. Your face, the soft glow of your eyes, the way you look at me. Then I sit back and realize it has been a little while since I told you when I love you so.

Love is just a word that falls between I and You. A word that is used so carelessly and too much. A word that is more than a word, it is a feeling, one that I only felt when I met you. It wasn’t like it was in the movies, and it definitely still isn’t. This life is messy and there isn’t another person I would rather spend it with.

I love you because you are imperfectly perfect. You know that the life we have built isn’t something from the pages of a book I have read or a movie we watched together. It is chaotic and you know it. You don’t act like you know what is going to happen tomorrow or in a few years. You don’t parade around trying to tell others what to do or how they should be. While you don’t like to admit you are wrong, you do understand that you are human and flawed.

I love you because there has not been a day that has passed that you haven’t had that smile on your face. No matter what you have been through, you move through this life with a sense of humour. You don’t take anything too seriously. I think it is because you know that the day is better met with something to laugh about. I think it is because laughter energizes you, it keeps you going. I strive to be more like that because you can make me laugh harder than anyone ever has.

I love you because you are willing to try anything once. ‘No’ is hardly a word used in your vocabulary. You are always accomplishing something, no matter how little or big, you are always proud of them. The only person you really compete with is yourself, you want to push yourself harder than the last time. You never quit, you never stop giving it your all. 

I love you because you are real. You don’t try to chalk things up to a dream. You don’t always say the things that I need to hear or the most romantic notions. Because you are here, you are real. You have other things floating on in that mind of yours that occupies the space of beautiful poetic lines. You weren’t created for me in some factory and that is perfectly fine with me. You don’t exist only in my dreams – I can touch you, hear your heartbeat. You are complex and interesting. You keep me on my toes.

I love you because through the test of time, you have shown me things about myself that I never thought I would find. You know me better than anyone else. You know when to leave me alone and when to hold me closer. You have given me a personal growth that has only come with knowing you, with loving you. You have pushed me and you have let me find myself. You give and give, I hope you take more time to yourself.

I love you because no matter how blunt it may seem, you always speak your mind. You are not afraid to say how you feel. You are also not afraid to make a joke out of things that are terrible. You talk about the things that others tiptoe around. You verbalize everything, you make everyone else know that you understand them. You are a constant reminder of the beauty that is behind the chaotic mess of the world. And because of you, because you tell me again and again, we will get through it all together.

I love you because of all of the things we have been through and all of the things to come. Because we have faced so many downs together that the ups seem that much better. We tackle everything holding each others hand, wiping away (my) tears. The road is not smooth; it is bumpy and there have been a number of forks and detours, but we never stopped. We always keep moving, sometimes at the same pace and others not so much. But we are always together at the end because we never give up.

So, love may just be a word between I and You but that word is a beautiful thing. I love you and you love me.

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