Psychology & Love

Here are some handy ‘hacks’ that are backed by psychology and science about love:

  1. Body language doesn’t lie, ever.
  2. Sarcasm will make or break your relationship. Use it wisely.
  3. The best relationships that you will ever have in your life will be with the ones that accept that change comes naturally, failure is out of your control and will happen, and progress will happen.
  4. Women are attracted to men with deeper voices, symmetrical faces, and a muscular body.
  5. The first 3 to 5 months of your relationship are key, this is also when you are most likely to break it off.
  6. You have to make time to be with your significant other to create that deep bond we all seek. That means no phone, no other tech. It is time for the two of you. Make it count.
  7. If you can’t sit in silence with your significant other for an extended period of time, you may have a problem.
  8. Sex needs practice. It is also exercise. Guess what? Even when you don’t feel like it, you should do it. Why? Because the bond that you two will create will grow deeper and it will also allow you to come out of your comfort zone.
  9. People will be more responsive if you say their first name when complementing them.
  10. Cuddling is one of the best natural antidepressants we’ve got. Oxytocin is released and can calm a person within 4 hours. So, those of you that hate cuddling, do it for your health!
  11. Laughter is our natural elixir for happiness. It allows us to relieve stress and muscle tension, lower anxiety and fear. Those of us who laugh together with our significant others are inclined to have a healthier relationship.
  12. Those of us with a good sense of humour: listen up! You are known to be intelligent, cultured, and honest. This is why so many people are attracted to you.
  13. Women and men both perceive the colour red as a sign of strength, power, and dominance.
  14. Body odour strongly impacts sexual attraction, bonding, and maintaining a relationship.

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