Let’s Live; Day by Day

Hello Darling, it’s been a long time since we sat down together. There are a few things that I forgot to tell you last time. Things that I want us to do, things I think are necessary for this life we are living.

I want us to start an adventure. An adventure that is filled with laughter that hurts our bellies. One where we could drive all night aimlessly. One where the moments that come are lived fully. One where ‘no’ is not a term we use. An adventure that we can look back on. One that is never forgotten.

Baby, let’s wander. Wander until we forget where we were going. Let’s get lost. 

We have to take one day at a time. We get caught up planning and trying to control things, we forget to experience the little things. So, let’s take each day as it is, let’s just see what happens.

Sunday can be our day to enjoy one another. Let’s not get dressed and just lay in bed, holding hands. Let’s not think too much and just go with the flow. Let’s do the things that we want to do because it feels good. You know that feeling right? The one where you get butterflies and that tingly feeling… let’s feel that.

If there are nights that we just want to stay up – we can. Let’s watch the sun set on the world and watch it rise again. Watching the sky change from black to blue, orange to pink. Let us revel in the remarkable world before us.

Let’s kiss and kiss often.

We can keep going. It doesn’t matter where we go or who we see, as long as we are together. And besides, who really knows where they are going? This life is filled with so many roads, let’s pick one and see where it takes us – if we don’t like it, we can pick another. 

We can be lost together.

We don’t have to go anywhere. We can stay in and under the blankets. It doesn’t matter what time it is, being in bed with you watching a movie is acceptable at any time. Let’s turn our phones off and just be together. There’s nothing else I want to do then be alone with you.

Let’s talk about all of the things that we like and then about what we don’t. Let’s find out our differences and meet at a common ground. Everyone is different and that is okay. We can accept each other for who we are, there is no need to change. You are who you are, I am who I am. It is perfectly acceptable that we won’t always agree. The making up will be worth it. 

Think of something you always wanted to do. Let’s do it. Let’s hop on a plane and go somewhere we have never been. Hell, let’s jump out of one. Let’s eat something new. I will do anything with you, anything.

I want to feel things. I want you to feel things. I want us to feel things together. Feel whatever we want to feel, however we want to. No matter how scary or exciting it is. Let’s just feel. Let’s fall in love and fall all over again.

But most of all, let’s be there for one another. Let’s go outside the box and go at our own pace. Let’s face this life together, day by day.

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