When a Dad Gets a Daughter

This is what I see when I look at all the fathers who have a daughter. The ones that I have talked to, the ones who hold their daughters in their hearts with such pride, it is truly a gift. This is what I have witnessed.

When a father sees his daughter for the first time he sees someone who he loves unconditionally. The sun shines a little brighter and the weight of the world gets a little heavier. The stars and the moon come out a little earlier just for her. The world becomes her kingdom, he becomes her king.

When a father is given a daughter you are giving him another woman to love. A woman who will automatically become his number one and knock you from the highest point in his life. A woman that he will swear on his own life to protect. A woman he will never let down. 

When a father is given a daughter everything is a little sweeter. All he wants is for her to succeed and try new things. He knows that she was born ready with the steady grip she has on his little finger. He knows that he is her first love. He knows that everything up until that point doesn’t matter anymore. She is everything to him. She is what matters.

When a father sees his daughter, he knows that her happiness is key. Her happily ever after is waiting and he is there to show her what it means to be a man. She is his every motivation. She is his reason for waking up in the morning.

When a father holds his daughter, he is given the ability to love someone in an entirely different way. It is something that was elusive to him up until that point but now that he has it, it is all he had ever wanted. Someone who has opened up the very last chamber in his heart. Someone who will hardly ever hear no slip out of his mouth.

When a father watches his daughter grow up, he learns the importance of tea parties, dollies, and dresses. He learns that there are going to be days when he leaves the house with his nails painted and a pink shirt on. He begins to understand that growing up a girl is not easy and it sure isn’t cheap. 

When a father looks at his daughter, he is given the opportunity to be the example that all others have to follow – of what she should expect of others. He will be the template for every boy and man who walks into her life. He will show her how she is meant to be treated and what to look for. 

When a father sees his daughters smile, he will know what it feels like to melt with just one look. He will be given lessons on sensitivity and apologies. Someone that he wants to make proud because with her just being there, not doing anything at all, makes him proud. He believes in her more than anyone else.

When a father is given a daughter, he is given the chance to shield her. He knows that he is going to have to build her up, over and over again, because the world will try to knock her down. He will know that when she cries, it pours.

When a father has a daughter, you give him the greatest gift. It was only when she was born that he knew what it was like to fall in love instantly. It was only then that he realized the bond that they will forever share.

No words will ever be able to describe the feeling he gets when he hears her say ‘dad.’

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